It movie quotes

We all float down here.

You’ll float too.

Fear is how I fall; confusing what is real.

Do you want a balloon, Georgie?

I’m not afraid of you anymore.

You’ll die if you try to fight us.

We’re all afraid of something.

Everything’s better with some fear in it.

We’re all just one big happy family down here.

There’s nothing scarier in this world than a scared little boy.

You’ll never leave this town; you’ll never escape.

You’re all alone up there.

We’re the dreamers, we’re the storytellers.

I’ll take you all. I’ll take you all down here.

Something happens when you leave this town.

Come join the clown, Eds. You’ll float too.

We’ll all float on, alright.

You can’t escape when you’re already inside.

I can smell the circus up here.

I’m not real enough for you?

We all have our fears, don’t we?

We’re all just pretending, aren’t we?

I am everything you ever were afraid of.

I am the eater of worlds.

They all float down here!

We all have our secrets, don’t we, Georgie?

You can’t hide from your fears forever.

You weren’t just afraid, you were fascinated.

I’m the dancing clown. The one you should be afraid of.

I’m the nightmare you never wake up from.

You’ll never be able to outrun me.

Fear is a powerful weapon.

You can’t fight the deadlights.

We’ll all be together down here.

The circus never leaves you.

Welcome to the Losers’ Club.

I am the one who can make your worst nightmares come true.

I’ll kill you all!

Fear will always win.

I can smell your fear.

You can’t save them all, Bill.

You’ll never defeat me.

I’m the eater of worlds, and you’re next on my menu.

I’m here to remind you of all the things you’ve forgotten.

There’s nothing scarier than a scared little girl.

You can’t escape your destiny.

I’ll always be with you.

I’m the one who will bring you down.

Time to float, Georgie.

You can’t kill the clown.

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