Inspiring Cancer Bracelet Sayings to Motivate and Express Support

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Strength through struggle.

Conquer from within.

Courage, Hope, Faith.

Fighter and survivor.

Never Surrender.

Bald is Beautiful.

Never give up.

Cancer picked the wrong diva.

Believe in Miracles.

Stubborn as a tumor.

Crazy about a cure.

Cancer is just a word, not a sentence.

Make cancer scared.

Tougher than cancer.

Cancer messed with the wrong girl.

Bald, Brave, Beautiful.

I can and I will.

Dancing in the face of cancer.

Hope is my superpower.

Cancer warrior.

Cancer, you lose.

You’ve messed with the wrong cells.

Life’s tough, but I’m tougher.

Kickin’ Cancer’s Butt.

Survivor with a story.

Cancer cannot shatter hope

Brave souls win battles

Cancer picked the wrong warrior

Fight like a girl, win like a woman

Courage, Strength and Faith

Surviving and thriving

Never give in, never give up

Cancer is only a chapter, not my whole story

Stay fierce, fight harder

I am stronger than cancer

Cancer?s tough, but I?m tougher

United we stand, divided cancer falls

Unleash your inner warrior

I can and I will

Believe in healing

Conquer from within

Strength is born in struggle

Fighting back with all my might

Battling cancer with grace

Always hope

Survivor in progress

Every day is a victory

Cancer: just another mountain to climb

Cancer is a word, not a sentence

On a mission to remission

Surviving is my superpower

Triumph over fear

Cancer, meet your conqueror.

I choose to thrive.

The only C-word we acknowledge is Courage.

Strength beyond measure


Survivor’s spirit

Warrior, not worrier

I can and I will

Cancer touched me, but never conquered


Unstoppable force

Beyond brave

Cancer?s toughest opponent

Hope, Heal, Health

Fearless in the face of cancer

Fight like a champion

No retreat, no surrender

Cancer picked the wrong battle

Battling beauty

Beat it, beat it, cancer can?t defeat it

Hope against hope

Braver than cancer

Conqueror of cancer

Surviving and thriving

Cancer ? been there, beat that

Warrior in pink

Valiant over vanquished

Cancer met its match

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