Inspiring and Powerful Quotes from The Weeknd

the weeknd quotes on love

I’ve been poppin’, just took three in a row.

I don’t pray for love, just ask the sky above.

I feel everything, I question everything, I feel everything more.

I’ve been lighting up my night, setting my dreams on fire.

So if I could leave, do you think that I would? If I found something better, do you think that I would walk away?

I’ve never been married but I could divorce the thought.

Every song I write feels like the last song I’ll ever write, and the moment it’s done I fully forget what it sounded like.

I’m living on borrowed time, my clocks fast, but I’m alive.

Erasing the past won’t derail destiny.

Stars become rosebuds when you ‘re around, It’s always good vibes with you.

Talent is of no use without direction.

Living in a daydream Young, lost and jaded.

I can’t see myself when I’m with you. I can only just see you.

The journey may seem gruelling but the destination is rewarding.

Every one of us is a walking prism, splitting the light into a different colour spectrum.

We’re no good for each other, but we can’t stay away.

I always leave one end untied so there’s room for someone else.

I?ve been presented as a bad guy my whole career. Who needs to strive for more if they?re labeled as that?

The sun will shine again. I promise.

I always want to prove my worth in this relationship.

You make it look like it?s magic to me.

This ain’t ordinary life.

I’ve been on that other side, and it’s nothing like this.

Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight.

You don’t know what’s in store, but you know what you’re here for.

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it.

Don’t believe the rumors bitch, I’m still a user.

Woke up by a girl, I don’t even know her name.

I went from staring at the same four walls for 21 years to seeing the whole world in just twelve months.

Look what you’ve done. I?m a motherfu**** starboy.

I was very camera shy. People like hot girls, so I put my music to hot girls and it just became a trend.

You don’t show your face. Feeds the people’s imagination.

We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.

Don’t blame him, better that your heart is still open.

I just want to live my life and inspire people.

Even though you’ll break my heart, I’ma need you.

Got a couple statements to make and some papers to chase.

Ask me if I do this everyday, I said often.

I always want to prove my worth with work.

The mind of a 21-year-old boy is dangerous.

I’m too loyal and too focused to be losing and be hopeless.

For a long time, I was hiding. The more I stay low, the longer I stay young.

I ain’t scared of the fall. I have felt the ground before.

She told me, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ She told me, ‘Don’t worry no more.’

It’s hard to forget someone that gave you so much to remember.

When it comes to the code of silence, we already know the code.

My dark twisted fantasy is just to be remembered.

Why fear death, just because you know the song will end, is that any reason not to listen?

Society advances, but people are just as barbaric as they used to be.

I only call you when it’s half past five; the only time that I’ll be by your side.

I’ll touch you if you let me without a f*****g string.

The world can’t do you no harm, feel my face.

She’s about to earn some bragging rights.

Even though you don’t love me just tell me you love me.

You are never gonna love me, but I believe you when you say it like that.

At the end of it all, you’re still my best friend.

I want you to stay, even though you don?t want me.

My heart is in L.A., my car is in the east, I’m just an animal trying to forget it’s beastful ways.

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