Inspirational Sayings for Baptism Cakes

baptism cake quotes and sayings

God’s precious gift, welcomed with love.

A tiny angel sent from above.

Little hands, little feet, baptized in Christ, isn’t it sweet?

Blessed by the grace of God.

Wrapped in God’s love.

Sealed with faith in our savior’s name.

May God’s blessings shower upon you.

God’s newest little angel.

A special day in God’s holy light.

Angelic Blessings on your Baptism Day.

New life in Christ, a joy to behold.

Guide this child on their spiritual journey.

Washed in faith and filled with love.

A new creation in God’s loving grace.

Bright Star in God’s family.

God’s love is as sweet as this cake.

Baptized in love and faith.

Shining in the light of God.

One small step in faith, one giant leap in the kingdom of God.

A baby is a blessing, a gift from heaven above.

Sweet as a lamb, welcome to the fold.

Touched by God’s grace on this special day.

Sprinkled with blessings from God.

May your life be filled with blessings as sweet as this cake.

May your journey in faith be sprinkled with love and blessings.

Baptized in Grace and Guided by God

A New Journey in Faith Begins Today

God’s Precious Gift

Blessed with Love and Faith

Washed in Water and in the Word

Showered with Blessings from Above

Growing in Grace and in God’s Love

Walking Beside Jesus Always

Delivered into God’s Loving Arms

Divinely Blessed and Protected

Showered in Love and Holy Water

God’s Newest Angel

Wrapped in God’s Endless Love

A New Star in God’s Sky

God’s Love is a Forever Promise

Our Little Miracle is Now God’s Little Miracle

Nurtured in Faith, Love, and Grace

Marked with the Cross of Christ Forever

Holy and Beloved Child of God

Bathing in the Light of Christ

Graced with the Spirit of God

Cleansed, Blessed and Loved Beyond Measure

Little Hands, Big Blessings

Baptized in the Light of the Lord

This Little Light of Mine, I’m Going to let it Shine

Blessed by the Grace of God

Little Miracle, Big Blessings

God’s Precious Gift

Welcome to the Flock

Baptized in Faith and Love

Showering Blessings on Our Little Angel

Bathed in God’s Love

Illuminated with Grace

Child of God, Now and Forever

Sprinkled with Blessings

Guided by Faith, Kept in Love

A Star in God’s Universe

God’s Little Lamb

Showered in Holy Love

Crystals of God’s Blessings

Cherished Gift from Above

A Journey in Faith Begins

Swaddled in God’s Grace

Washed in the Waters of Faith

Newly Baptized, Forever Blessed

Marked with the Sign of Faith

Under His Wing, Forever

Blossoming in God’s Garden

Sealed by the Holy Spirit

Baptized in Angel’s Tears

Adorned with Blessings from Above

Sealed with God’s Loving Embrace

Our Little Drop of Heaven

From Water Springs New Life

Following the Path of Righteousness

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