Inspirational Quotes from Freemasonry

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The secret of Masonry, like the secret of life, can be known only by those who seek it, serve it, live it. It cannot be uttered; it can only be felt and acted.

Masonry aims at the promotion of morality and higher living by the cultivation of the social side of man, the rousing in him of the instincts of charity and love of his kind.

A Freemason is a man who in searching for life?s invaluable things, finds the path to honor, righteousness, brotherhood, and truth.

Freemasonry is an order whose leading star is philanthropy and whose principles inculcate an unceasing devotion to the cause of virtue and morality.

Being a Freemason means being part of something really meaningful. Whether improving ourselves, helping our communities, or supporting global causes, we?ve always believed in making a tangible difference in the world.

Freemasonry is not a benefit society, not a corporation. It is a man’s personal voyage, his life’s journey of self-discovery and self-giving.

Once a mason, always a mason; once a brother, always a brother. A cord of trust binds us together that cannot be easily broken.

Freemasonry is the golden thread that runs through the heart of mankind; it binds the highest to the lowest, the richest to the poorest, in a bond of brotherhood.

In the end, we are not defined by what we say or do within our lodges but by how we treat the world outside the Masonic temple.

Be the living expression of Freemasonry’s philosophy. Act upon its highest principles – brotherly love, relief, and truth.

Freemasonry teaches a man to be good, not for himself, but for the sake of others. He who lives for self, lives for nothing; but he who lives for others, has a life full of purpose.

The greatest honor for a Freemason is not to be praised, but to be a person of worth.

Freemasonry is not about being better than someone else; it’s about being better than one was yesterday.

Bear in mind, the square and compasses which we proudly display, is not a symbol of privilege but rather a reminder of our humble place and purpose in this grand tapestry of life.

Freemasonry’s guiding star is not just about the worship of a Deity, but the understanding of oneself and the universe around.

The secret of Masonry, like the secret of life, can be known only by those who seek it, serve it, live it. It cannot be uttered; it can only be felt and acted.

A Freemason is more than merely a man who is a member of a fraternity. He is a man dedicated to character-building, responsibility, and ethical conduct.

To be one, ask one. To know one, be one.

A good Mason is made even better when he learns to rely upon the Voice within.

In life, as in Masonry, all victories are won on the level.

Being a Freemason means leading by example, not by mouth.

Freemasonry is an opportunity for good men to become better men, and ultimately, become the best of men.

Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it’s the task of the Freemason to discover it.

As Freemasons, we don’t build monuments with stones and mortar, but with morals and virtues.

Masonry is not something we can practice; we must be genuinely Masons at heart.

True Masonry is like the rough gem that comes from the mine, the luster of which never appears until it is cut with the chisel and polished.

Freemasonry teaches not only the importance of the symbolic foundation but also the necessity of the actual foundation.

In Masonry, a man must come of his own free will, but he must leave with the wisdom that will forever influence his life.

Freemasonry is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.

The Freemasons: In search of light, in the darkness, so that we may pass it on to those who are in the darkness, searching for the light.

Masonry aims at making a man more than a man by enhancing his human qualities and allowing him to realize his full potential.

Freemasonry is not just an organization, it’s a way of life.

A true Freemason uses the trowel to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, no matter how different we may appear.

Freemasonry is not about the destination, but the journey towards becoming a better man.

A man never stands so tall as when he kneels to help a brother.

Through the square of virtue, Freemasons strive to circumscribe their desires and keep their passions within due bounds.

Freemasonry teaches not merely tolerance towards all religious and ethical ideas, but broad-minded recognition of their value.

Being a Freemason means being kind to all, true to oneself, and answerable to a higher power.

Believe nothing to be impossible, the square and the compass can guide us to conquer even the tallest mountains.

A Freemason is one who treats others not on account of their rank, but as equals on the level of creation.

Mystery creates wonder, and wonder is the foundation of a Freemason’s pursuit of knowledge.

The lambskin symbol of Freemasonry, vestment of the pure in heart, speaks louder than words can express.

In true brotherhood, Freemasons lift each other high and catch each other when they fall.

The power of Freemasonry is in its silence, in the unspoken word, the unexpressed thought.

The purpose of Masonic ritual is not to teach the initiate something new, but to awaken in him something old, something that was already there.

To be a Freemason is to seek enlightenment, not for oneself alone, but to share light with all humanity.

Freemasonry: the noble art of building bridges, not walls.

Strength through unity; unity through Freemasonry.

The highest rank of a Freemason is not a title of honor, but a mode of service.

In Freemasonry, every stone fits, every stone counts; the structure is incomplete without the stone least in size.

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