Iconic 80s Sayings for Trendy T-Shirts

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Made in the 80s

I still love vinyl

We are the 80s kids, and we are the coolest

80s – when music was music

A touch of class from the 80s

I am an 80s Babe

Born in the 80s, thriving since then

Relax, it’s just the 80s

I grew up with Cassette mixtapes

Retro is my middle name – 80s kid

Neon in my veins, born in the 80s

Bye-bye 80s, you were awesome

Locked in the 80s and loving it

I’ve got the power… glove from the 80s

Got Pac-Man?

80s – The era of classics

Grow up? No thanks, I?m from the 80s

I’m stuck in the 80s matrix

I?m a timeless 80s classic

Too cool for this century, take me back to the 80s.

Born in the 80s, Rocking Forever

Proud Product of the 80s

My Childhood was 80s

Raised on Nintendo and Neon

I Love Rock’n Roll – The 80s Baby

Synth Beats and Disco Feats

80s Nostalgia is My Cardio

I’m an 80s Kid and Proud of It

Rewind back to the 80s

Big Hair, Don’t Care – 80s Prodigy

80s – The Era of Icons

Cassette Tapes and Retro Shapes

Rocking the 80s Vibe

Straight outta 80s

Superheroes? Nah, I Have 80s Idols

My Heart Belongs to the 80s

I Survived the 80s and Lived to Tell the Tale

Life is a Mixtape – 80s Edition

Back to the Future Called, They Want Their 80s Back

80s – When Cool Was Classic

I?m Not Old, I?m Vintage – 80s Certified

Neon Dreams and Cassette Themes

Life in the 80s – There’s No WiFi

The 80s – Because today’s music sucks

Nothing’s gonna stop us now from the 80s

Let the Music Play the 80s Way

Neon Lights, Disco Nights

Press Play for the Rad 80s Days

Living in a Material World, The 80s

Totally Tubular since the 80s

Awesome Mix Tape of the 80s

Retro 80s, Vintage Style

I Love the 80s, Hate the WiFi

Bring Back Hair Bands and Scrunchies

Rubik’s Cubes, Cassette Tapes, and Leg Warmers

Shoulder Pads and Power Ballads

Take me Back to the PacMan Track

MTV Generations

Mixtapes, Metallics, Madonna

Child of the 80s

We Didn’t Start the Fire, the 80s Did

Back in the day, when MTV still played Music

Flashdance and Footloose Forever

My Other Car is a DeLorean

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