Humorous Quotes and Sayings About Underwear

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Covering the world’s best assets, one pair at a time.

I’m not weird, I’m limited edition underwear.

Life’s too short for uncomfortable underwear.

I make these underpants look good.

Caution: Fits snugly for your own protection.

These undies have seen things…

Brain of a genius, underwear of a clown.

Party in my pants… Everyone’s invited!

Beneath every suit is a superhero’s underwear.

Shimmer and shake, in my lucky snake underwear.

If lost, return to my safe house… these pants.

Laughter is the best medicine, but comfortable underwear comes close.

I didn’t choose the snug life, the snug life chose me.

Quality Control: Only handle with clean hands.

My underpants are like a secret garden… Enter at your own risk!

What happens in these boxers, stays in these boxers.

No one knows I’m wearing my lucky underwear… until now.

My other underwear is a swimsuit.

Under where? Under you!

A wise man always checks his underwear after a fart.

I’m only one wash away from being a nudist.

Caution, contents may be hot!

If lost, return to bedroom.

Free range, organic, 100% natural.

No pants, no problem.

I see London, I see France, I see someone?s awesome underpants!

Mind the gap!

Laundry today or naked tomorrow.

Briefs encounter.

My other underwear is a bathing suit.?

Covering the assets.

Treasure beneath!

Shhh, my underwear is sleeping.

This space is reserved for your name.

Underwear – it’s like a secret that only you know.

Running out of underwear is the root of all evil.

Our little secret.

Commando in disguise.

Only remove in case of emergency.

Underneath it all, we’re all the same!

Caution: Giggle zone below!

Can’t be a superhero without the right underwear!

Gravity is for the weak, I wear tighty whities!

My pants, my secret stage!

Delicates only, ’cause I’m a precious asset!

Trophy piece: Unseen but not unnoticed!

Adding fun where the sun don’t shine!

These briefs are briefs, but the fun isn’t!

I’m just one step away from being naked, thanks to this underwear!

Why flirt when you can just drop your pants?

Fight or flight? Either way, I have cool underwear!

Who needs a six-pack when you have cool underpants?

Laughter’s the best medicine, stripping is the best exercise!

So great, aliens tried to abduct them!

My backside has a better sense of humor than your face!

This underwear can probably tell better jokes than you!

I tried to be normal once, my underwear wasn’t impressed!

Boxers or briefs? Both, if you can’t choose between awesomeness!

Warning: Funny Underwear. Serious laughs only!

Less drama, more llama on my pajamas!

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