Humorous Quotes about Volunteering

Volunteering is like exercise for the heart and soul – it keeps you strong and flexible!

I volunteer because life is too short to be serious all the time!

Volunteering is my cardio – who needs a gym membership?

Volunteering: the only time it’s okay to be called a busybody!

I may not have a cape, but I’ll always be a volunteering superhero!

Volunteering: where giving your time is the only kind of currency that matters!

I volunteer because I like to make a difference, one funny face at a time!

Volunteering is like a box of chocolates – you never know what kind of laughs you’ll get!

Volunteering: the only job where you can laugh and make a positive impact at the same time!

The best kind of volunteer is one with a funny bone!

I volunteer because it’s the perfect excuse to wear a silly hat!

Volunteering is my way of spreading joy and laughter – and also cleaning up after!

Volunteering: where it’s perfectly acceptable to dance like no one’s watching!

I may not get paid, but the smiles I receive from volunteering are worth more than money!

Volunteering is the only time where being a little nutty is actually encouraged!

I volunteer because it’s the only job where I can break out my best dance moves and not be judged!

Volunteering: where laughing is a job requirement!

I volunteer because laughter is the best kind of medicine – and it’s free!

Volunteering: where the only uniform needed is a smile!

I volunteer because it’s the closest thing to being a professional goof-off!

Volunteering is like a comedy show – I provide the entertainment and the audience provides the laughs!

I volunteer because my sense of humor is too big to be contained within the four walls of my home!

Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to see just how many silly faces I can make in one day!

I volunteer because life is too short to take everything seriously – especially myself!

Volunteering: where every day is a party and every task is a cause for celebration!

I volunteer because it’s the best way to prove that laughter truly is contagious!

Volunteering: where the only paycheck I need is the joy in my heart and a good belly laugh!

I volunteer because making others laugh is the best way to brighten my own day!

Volunteering is proof that the saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is actually true!

I volunteer because spreading laughter is my kind of superhero power!

Volunteering: where getting yelled at by toddlers is actually kind of adorable!

I volunteer because I’ve learned that doing something funny is a great way to break the ice!

Volunteering is the perfect excuse to wear mismatched socks and still be considered fashionable!

I volunteer because it’s a chance to embrace my inner goofball!

Volunteering: where making animal sounds is a valid form of communication!

I volunteer because it’s the only job where I can moonwalk down the hallway and still be respected!

Volunteering: where being a little bit weird is actually a good thing!

I volunteer because it’s the best way to prove that you’re never too old to be silly!

Volunteering is like a stand-up comedy routine – except the audience is always laughing!

I volunteer because making goofy faces is my secret weapon against boredom!

Volunteering: where every day is a chance to try out new dance moves and perfect old ones!

I volunteer because life is too short to take yourself seriously all the time!

Volunteering is my opportunity to show off my amazing talent for bad puns!

I volunteer because it’s the perfect excuse to wear a funny hat – and trust me, I have plenty!

Volunteering: where even the smallest acts of kindness can lead to the biggest belly laughs!

I volunteer because life is like a joke – you never know when a punchline will come around!

Volunteering is my way of proving that I am the world’s greatest expert on making funny faces!

I volunteer because it’s the best way to spread laughter and joy – and also clean up spilled milk!

Volunteering: where taking yourself lightly is the key to lighting up someone else’s day!

I volunteer because laughter is a universal language that can bring people together – and who doesn’t love a good laugh?

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