Hilarious Crocodile Phrases: A Compilation of Funny Croc Sayings

Snap snap, smile back, that’s the croc’s selfie!

I’m an alarm clock you can’t snooze, I’m a crocodile!

Crocs don’t sweat, they sizzle!

Life is gator, I mean greater, with a crocodile.

Crocodiles are just prehistoric party animals.

I’m a croc, anything you can do I can do snappier.

Why don?t crocodiles ever apologize? Because they’ve got a big mouth!

Keep your friends close, your crocodile friends closer, it’s a snap.

Never smile at a crocodile…unless, you are one.

Creatures with the most teeth have the best grins! Just ask a crocodile!

Got a problem? The crocodile solution: snap at it!

Crocodile rule #1: Don’t get caught between a croc and a hard place!

It?s a croc eat croc world out there.

If you think I?m snappy, you should see my ex; she?s a crocodile.

Have a croc-tastic day!

The phrase ?See you later, alligator. In a while, crocodile.? is just a really fancy way of saying ?not if I see you first!?

Crocodile theory: The bigger the smile, the sharper the teeth.

A day without a crocodile is like a day without a snap.

I’m not a doctor but I can fix your reptile dysfunction. Trust me, I’m a crocodile.

If the swamps a rocking, don’t come knocking! Crocodile’s home!

Life is snappier when you’re a croc!

I’m a crocodile in the world of mermaids.

I may be a croc, but life still bites!

Swimming with a toothy grin, always ready to give you a spin.

See you later, crocodile! If the alligators don’t get you first!

It’s hard to be humble when you’re snappy like a croc.

I’ve got 99 problems but a bite ain’t one.

Croc humor: In scales, it?s off the charts.

I’m a croc! I like my sunsets like I like my biting, at a leisurely pace.

Just a croc in a water world, causing every ripple.

Crunching through life one bite at a time.

The life of a croc: Sun, swim, snap, sleep.

I’m not lazy, I’m just saving energy for the next bite!

Remember, crocs have thick skin for a reason.

You can’t handle the tooth.

Croc: Built like a tank but cute as a button.

I may be a croc, but I’m not a doc, don’t come for medical advice!

Born to snap, not to cuddle.

Be a croc in a world full of guppies.

Being a croc means never having to say you?re sorry.

I’m a simple croc in a complex pond.

Can’t touch this croc!

Croc n’ roll, baby!

Out of my swamp, you’re in croc territory!

Got my jaw set on success.

Don?t mistake my kindness for weakness, I am a very friendly crocodile.

Snap into action like a crocodile!

Keep calm and croc on.

Feeling snappy today!

The early bird can have the worm, because worms are gross and I like fish.

I’m a croc-star!

Croc in the swamp, party in the water!

Cold-blooded, warm-hearted.

My bite is worse than my bark, simply because, I don?t bark.?

Living life in croc-style!

I?m not lazy, I?m just on my energy saving mode.

Croc more, worry less.

Born to be wild…within reason. I’m not a savage, I’m a crocodile.

I’m just a crocodile out of water.

I was a crocodile before it was cool.

I may be a predator, but I’m also a party animal!

Life isn?t perfect, but your Outfit can be!

Croc and awe!

Allow yourself to be a beginner. Every crocodile was once a hatchling.

Stay classy, sassy, and a little bit snappy.?

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