Heartwarming Sayings for 3rd Birthday Celebrations

wishing the sweetest birthday to the sweetest 3 year old girl i hope your day is filled with all things lovely

Three cheers to fantastic three years.

Turned three and ready to party!

Thrilling, thriving, and three!

Three-tastic and party-riffic!

You’re three! Let’s celebrate with glee.

Happy, Happier, Happiest 3rd Birthday!

Three years of joy, giggles, and fun.

Three years old and full of charm, have a birthday that’s warm and calm.

Fab, Fun, and finally Three!

Sweet and sassy, turned the big three!

Three and forever shining so brightly!

You’re three, so dance, twirl, and spin!

Happy 3rd Birthday, let the adventures begin!

Three-licious birthday to you!

Three years of laughter and pure delight, happy birthday to you, shining so bright.

Born to sparkle, turned three today!

Thrice the fun, thrice the charm, happiest 3rd birthday!

Growing fast, turned three at last!

Three years of cuteness and still going strong.

One, Two, Three – let’s celebrate with glee!

Three cheers for three years! Happy 3rd Birthday!

No more terrible twos ? welcome to terrific threes! Happy third birthday!

Three years filled with giggles and smiles. Here?s to a sweeter third birthday!

Sending you a third birthday wish sprinkled with love and magic. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Sending triple kisses to my favorite three-year-old!

In your three years of life, you?ve given us triple the happiness. Happy Birthday!

You are three times lovelier this year. Happy third birthday, little one!

You?re not just 3 ? you?re 3 and awesome!

Year one was full of giggles, year two was full of curiosity, and year three will be full of adventures! Happy 3rd birthday!

Happy third birthday to our bundle of three-year-old joy!

Turning three feels ?tree-mendous?! Happy Birthday!

You’ve survived the terrible twos, now it?s time for the thrilling threes!

Three sweet years of you! May your third birthday be as delightful as you are!

Three is a magic number, and so are you. Happy 3rd Birthday!

For the little one who is turning three, may your birthday be as jolly as can be!

Three cheers for three years, to the sweetest birthday bee!

Turning three, full of glee, living life so merrily!

Three, not just a number, but a big adventure just begun!

Here’s to three years, filled with giggles and cheers!

Hooray for you, tiny dancer, now you’re three and making prancer!

This little light of mine is turning three and so divine!

Racing into three with a vroom, a zoom, and boundless bloom!

Three years old and full of gold, your warmth has us all in hold!

Turning three, you become a little tree, growing and joy for everyone to see!

On this day we celebrate not just a birthday, but a star turning three brighter than the Milky Way!

Three years of cuddles, giggles, and wiggles, life is so much fun with you!

Armed with charm, you’re turning three, forever stealing hearts, as we see!

Three years filled with love and laughter, you’re the happily ever after!

Our little shining star, at three, you light up near and far!

Turning three and full of glee, to the moon and back, we love thee!

Three is magical, maintaining your whimsical spirit, so radical!

May this third birthday be filled with lots of fireflies, sparkling skies and butterflies!

Happiest of birthdays to our three-year-old, your joyful journey makes our hearts fold!

Three years old, but forever our baby bold.

Three filled with joy, you truly are the real McCoy!

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