Goat Sayings

You can’t pull the wool over a goat’s eyes.

If you want to be the goat, you’ve got to climb the mountain.

It’s better to be a goat in your own field than a sheep in someone else’s.

You can’t milk a goat with a handshake.

When life gets your goat, make goat cheese.

Goats don’t follow the flock, they lead it.

Sometimes you’ve got to grab the goat by the horns.

A goat’s world is filled with endless grazing opportunities.

Goats don’t need permission to be themselves.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the goat pen.

If you can’t stand the bleat, get out of the goat yard.

A goat doesn’t care if you’re a lion or a lamb, as long as you’ve got something to offer.

Goats won’t start a stampede, but they’ll surely join in.

You can’t stop a goat from climbing, so you might as well join it.

Goats don’t judge others based on their horns.

Goats aren’t afraid to butt heads when necessary.

When in doubt, follow the goat.

Goats are experts at finding the path of least resistance.

It’s better to be a goat in a field of daisies than a lion in a desert.

Goats may be stubborn, but they know what they want.

Don’t count your goats before they’re born.

A goat doesn’t need a watch to know when it’s dinner time.

Goats don’t need a roadmap to find their way.

If you want to be the goat, you’ve got to learn to bleat.

The grass may be greener on the other side, but the goats are already there.

A goat doesn’t need a cape to be a superhero.

Just because you hear a goat doesn’t mean it’s nearby.

Goats don’t waste their time trying to fit in with the sheep.

A goat doesn’t need an alarm clock to wake up for breakfast.

Don’t let anyone tell you what a goat can or can’t do.

A goat doesn’t need fancy shoes to climb a mountain.

Goats have no use for fences, they prefer wide-open pastures.

You can’t milk a goat with a silver spoon.

If you want to keep up with the goats, you’ve got to be nimble and quick.

Goats don’t need a roadmap to find happiness.

It’s better to be a goat in the rain than a sheep in the barn.

Goats don’t need a shepherd to find their way home.

A goat knows the value of a good headbutt.

Just because a goat is small doesn’t mean it’s weak.

You can’t herd a goat with a smile, sometimes you need a stick.

A goat doesn’t need a diploma to be intelligent.

Goats don’t need a GPS to navigate life.

Sometimes you’ve got to go against the herd.

A goat doesn’t need a fancy barn to be happy.

Goats don’t need a key to open doors, they’ll find a way in.

It’s better to be a goat exploring new pastures than a sheep stuck in a pen.

A goat doesn’t need a bell to be heard.

You can’t catch a goat by running with the herd.

A goat doesn’t need a crown to be the king of the mountain.

Goats don’t need a mirror to know they’re beautiful.

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