German Shepherd Sayings: Discovering the Unique Phrases and Meanings

german shepherd pup quote

Every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you ? the German Shepherd motto.

German Shepherds: Making humans jealous since the 1890s.

German Shepherds: Powered by loyalty, fueled by love.

German Shepherd loyalty: Not a myth but a legend.

German Shepherds: Ears that hear, noses that know, hearts that love.

German Shepherds: Not just a dog, but a way of life.

German Shepherds: Because every adventure is better with a furry friend.

You think you can scare me? I own a German Shepherd.

In a world full of trends, a German Shepherd is a timeless classic.

Life without a German Shepherd is like a pencil without a point.

No alarm system needed, I own a German Shepherd.

You can’t buy love, but you can rescue a German Shepherd.

Wake up, hug a German Shepherd, have a good day.

Home is where my German Shepherd is.

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a German Shepherd.

German Shepherds: Stealing hearts and couches since

The more men I meet, the more I love my German Shepherd.

German Shepherds: Because humans can’t be trusted.

German Shepherds: More than just a pet, they are family.

German Shepherds: Life?s better when they’re around.

A German Shepherd’s bark is usually louder than its bitith; still, there’s a lot of wisdom in that bark.

Never underestimate the heart of a German Shepherd.

A house is not a home without a German Shepherd.

Home is where the paw print is, especially when it’s a German Shepherd’s.

Life without a German Shepherd is like a pencil without a point.

German Shepherds give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘loyal companion.’

Having a German Shepherd means never being alone.

German Shepherd – a blend of loyalty, courage, and love.

Life is simply better with a German Shepherd.

There’s no therapy like a German Shepherd and a couch.

A wagging tail of a German Shepherd is the best welcome home.

German Shepherds – Born to Bark, Raised to Protect.

A German Shepherd loves you more than it loves itself.

The road to my heart is paved with German Shepherd paw prints.

German Shepherd, my companion, my protector, my friend.

Life is short, hug your German Shepherd!

Behind every successful person is a dedicated German Shepherd.

German Shepherd – Zero percent wolf, hundred percent hero.

A German Shepherd can brighten even the darkest of days.

Once a German Shepherd lover, always a German Shepherd lover.

My German Shepherd is smarter than your honor student.

German Shepherds: Always at your side, never in your way.

Life without a German Shepherd is like a pencil without a point.

German Shepherds: Fur coated heart stealers.

If my German Shepherd doesn’t like you, I probably won’t either.

A day without a German Shepherd is like a day without sunshine.

German Shepherds: Protecting homes and hearts since time immemorial.

My German Shepherd walks all over me ? and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who needs a security system when you have a German Shepherd?

German Shepherds: Bred for work, Born for love.

I only trust my German Shepherd and maybe three people.

Sleeps with German Shepherds.

There’s no such thing as a bad day when you come home to a German Shepherd.

German Shepherd: Leave me alone, I’m only speaking to my dog today.

My therapist has four legs and a tail. Name’s Max and he’s a German Shepherd.

German Shepherds: because humans can be annoying.

Life is better with a German Shepherd.

Home is where my German Shepherd is.

I used to have some money, then I bought a German Shepherd.

Drop the leash and let the German Shepherd do the talking.

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