Funny Tip Jar Quotes

Tipping makes you 10% more attractive

Leave a tip for good karma

Tipping is better than a magic trick

A tip a day keeps the bad luck away

Tipping is like a high-five for good service

Tipping is the secret to a happy life

Make it rain tips and make someone’s day

Tips are the spice of life

If you can’t tip, at least smile

Tipping is the best way to say ‘thank you’

When in doubt, tip it out

Tipping is a small act of kindness that goes a long way

Tips are the currency of appreciation

Good tips, good vibes

Show your love with a generous tip

Tipping is like giving a standing ovation

A generous tip is the best compliment

Handle with care: tipping is contagious

Tipping: the secret ingredient to a great experience

Spread joy and leave a tip

Tipping is the ultimate power move

Make someone’s day with a tip and a smile

Tipping is like adding sprinkles to an ice cream

A tip a day keeps the frowns away

Tipping is the ultimate way to show appreciation

Tipping: the gift that keeps on giving

Tips are the fuel of excellent service

Tip like a boss and be a hero

Leave a nice tip and be someone’s favorite customer

Tipping is the secret ingredient to extraordinary service

Tip big and make a server’s day

Tipping is the best way to make friends

Tipping is like a warm hug in monetary form

Spread smiles with generous tips

Tips make the world go round

Tipping is the best investment in happiness

Leave a tip and leave a lasting impression

Tipping is like a round of applause for a job well done

Tipping is the language of gratitude

Tipping is the secret to a server’s heart

Be a tipping superstar and make someone’s day

Leave a tip and live vicariously through great service

Tipping: the golden rule of dining

Make someone’s day and leave a tip

Spread joy and sprinkle tips everywhere

Tipping is the ultimate icebreaker

A tip a day keeps the bad vibes away

Tipping: the ultimate way to show appreciation

Leave a tip and create a ripple effect of happiness

Tipping is like throwing confetti for great service

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