Funny Pillow Sayings to Add Laughter to Your Sleep

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Pillow fights welcome here.

This pillow is my second favorite place to rest my head.


This is where the magic sleep happens.

Dreaming is my 9 to

Pillow is cheaper than therapy.

Catch my dreams if you can.

Enter into a pillow affair.

Midnight snack smuggler.

Hello, bedmate, we meet again.

My pillow, my rules.

Don’t dream your life, live your dreams.?

This side up for sweet dreams.

Every morning is a pillow revolution.

Less thinking, more sleeping.

Lost in pillows, don’t send help.

Sshhhh… Pillow in progress.

Residence of a professional dreamer.

Caution: Serial snoozer.

Adventure zone: Enter at your own risk!

My pillow and I are officially an item.

It’s a pillow thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Bed hair, don’t care.

Building my dream empire one nap at a time.

Sleeping is my therapy.

This is where I recharge.

Sleep to live, live to dream.

Pillow here, problems there.

You can’t sit with us, unless you’re a pillow.

Currently under a TLCC (Tender, Love, Care, Coma) spell.

Fall asleep with a dream, Wake up with a purpose.

Drifting into dreams…destination unknown.

Sleep mode: Always on

Warning: Napping in progress

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

I’m not lazy, I’m just conserving energy

Pillow fights welcome here

I dream in full color

Caffeine and Dreams

Running on naps and snacks

Don’t wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects

Less thinking, more sleeping

Sweet dreams loading..

There’s no place like bed

Pillow here, do not disturb

I?ll sleep when I?m dead…Or at least when I’m done with this Netflix series.

Sleep is my superpower

Snoring Zone

Permanently in Sleep mode

I woke up like this. Flawless…ly tired

You’re never too old for a siesta

Hibernating in progress

Keep calm and nap on

This is a no-stresses, only-snuggles zone

If you snooze, you don’t lose. You win a dream.

I suffer from N.A.P.S – Not Able to Perform Sleep

Pillow Talk: 99% Yawns, 1% Words

Ssshhh! Charging in progress

My bed is my happy place

Dreams are the best reality

Sleeping ? the most beautiful experience in life ? except drink. (W.C. Fields)

Pillow is my brainstorming partner

I am not a morning pillow

Dream big, nap often

50% Human, 50% Bed

Welcome to the Comfort Zone

Living in a Dream World

Emergency Nap Station

Dreams Sold Here

Catching ZZZs

Carpe P.M. (Seize the night)

Silently Judging Your Sleep Habits

Professional Pillow Flopper

Keep Calm and Dream On.

Best Nap Ever’s Headquarters

Brb, Off to Dreamland

My Nightly Escape Route

Work Hard, Nap Harder

Sought After by Sleepyheads

This is my kind of pillow talk

Best Napper Award goes to Me!

Sleep all day. Party never.

Looking for a place to dream.

I’m the reason why Cinderella left her shoe at midnight.

Catch flights, not feelings and sleep comfortably.

Pillow fights and midnight lights.

Drool Zone Ahead. Enter at Your Own Risk.

The Snore Factory.

This pillow holds my hair at night.

Beauty sleep in progress. Do not disturb.

Welcome to the nap station.

I’d rather be dreaming.

Eat, Sleep, and be Merry!

Sleep is for dreamers.

Sleep tight, wake up bright.

Always kiss me goodnight.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

This is my happy place.

Night owl on duty.

Sweet dreams are made of this.

Queen of naps.

In this house, we believe in long sleep.

Fearfully and wonderfully slept.

Snuggle up, buttercup!

Good at naps.

Pillow – a dream come true.

When in doubt, nap it out.

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