Funny Monday Quotes

Monday: the only day of the week that can be a synonym for ‘annoying.’

I believe Mondays were invented to remind us that the weekend is always too short.

Coffee: the only thing getting me through another Monday.

Dear Monday, please be nice and let the weekend stay a little longer.

Monday + coffee = survival mode activated.

If Mondays had a personality, they would definitely be a grumpy cat.

Mondays are the reason emojis were invented – perfectly expressing our Monday blues.

I’m not a morning person on any day of the week, but Mondays take it to a whole new level.

Monday is the perfect day to start planning the weekend.

The only thing worse than a Monday morning is realizing it’s only Monday morning.

Mondays are like those unwanted phone calls – you never know what kind of disaster awaits.

On Mondays, my alarm clock is the most terrifying sound in the world.

If Monday had a face, I would definitely punch it.

There should be a weekly alarm that goes off on Sundays, saying ‘Don’t worry, Monday is still 24 hours away.’

Monday motivation is like a unicorn – it sounds great, but do you know anyone who has actually seen it?

If Monday had its own theme song, it would be ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor.

Monday: a day of the week when even the coffee needs coffee.

Just remember, Monday is just a day, not a state of mind.

When life gives you Mondays, add extra sugar to your coffee.

Monday is the day when reality hits you harder than that snooze button.

I’m not saying Mondays are the worst, but they definitely don’t make the ‘Favorite Day of the Week’ list.

If Mondays were a language, it would be a combination of groans, sighs, and the occasional curse word.

Mondays are the perfect excuse for excessive caffeine consumption.

The only thing I enjoy on Mondays is crossing off the days until the next weekend.

Mondays are like getting a flu shot – necessary, but no one really enjoys it.

Monday is just a practice round for the rest of the week.

Whoever invented Mondays must have also invented the snooze button.

Mondays make me question everything, including my life choices.

I wish I could Ctrl+Alt+Delete Mondays and start fresh.

The only thing that can make a Monday worse is realizing it’s only the beginning of the week.

Mondays are like those annoying ads that you can’t skip – you just have to endure.

I wouldn’t mind Mondays so much if they were just called ‘Pre-Friday.’

My Mondays are sponsored by coffee and the promise of the weekend.

Monday is the reason I believe in the power of positive thinking – because if you think positively enough, you might actually survive.

Mondays are like a bad hair day for your soul.

If Monday was a person, they would definitely be that one relative who always ruins family gatherings.

Mondays are the day when the weekend feels like a distant memory and Friday is just a distant dream.

Monday is like that friend who always shows up uninvited and overstays their welcome.

I don’t hate Mondays – I just strongly dislike them with a passion.

Mondays are the reason I believe in having a good cry every now and then.

If Mondays had a fragrance, it would be a mix of burnt coffee and regret.

I’m not ready for Monday until I’ve had three cups of coffee and a pep talk from Beyonce.

Monday: the day when even my to-do list needs a to-do list.

If Monday mornings were a sport, I would definitely win the gold medal in hitting the snooze button.

My Monday motto: ‘Stay positive, work hard, make coffee.’

Mondays are the perfect time to practice my fake smile skills.

Monday: the day when you can literally hear the sound of everyone’s motivation slowly fading away.

If Monday was a color, it would definitely be a shade of gray.

Mondays are like the villains in a superhero movie – they always come back for more.

I survive Mondays by watching cute animal videos and dreaming of the weekend.

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