Funny Monday Coffee Quotes

Coffee: because adulting is hard, and mornings are even harder.

Monday mornings are like a heart attack without the coffee.

Coffee is the only Monday morning superhero I need.

On Mondays, I like my coffee black – just like my soul.

Without coffee, Mondays would be a full-blown national disaster.

Coffee: the only thing strong enough to battle Monday mornings.

I only need one thing to survive a Monday morning: coffee.

Monday: fueled by coffee and a strong desire to leave.

Coffee makes Mondays bearable, but only just.

I may not be a morning person, but I am definitely a coffee person on Mondays.

Coffee: the magical elixir that turns Monday into just another day.

Dear Monday, please go away, I need more coffee today.

Coffee: the official fuel of both Friday eve and Monday morning.

I’m not a morning person, but I can pretend to be with the help of coffee.

Coffee: keeping me sane on Mondays since forever.

When life gives you Monday, dip it in coffee and keep going.

I believe in mornings, but only after I’ve had my coffee.

Mondays are tough, but coffee makes them a little bit perkier.

Monday mornings are like a bad hangover, but coffee is the cure.

I can conquer anything on a Monday as long as I have my coffee.

Mondays are proof that even coffee needs a little extra help sometimes.

Coffee: the best Monday morning pick-me-up since forever.

Monday mornings are like the portal to another dimension, but coffee keeps me grounded.

On Mondays, coffee is my secret weapon against the world.

Coffee: the only thing that can put a smile on my face on a Monday morning.

Dear Monday, I think we should see other people. Sincerely, Coffee.

Mondays are a little less painful when accompanied by a warm cup of coffee.

Coffee is my Monday morning therapist.

Monday mornings are like a bad dream, but coffee is my alarm clock.

Coffee: the key ingredient to surviving the Monday morning blues.

Mornings are for coffee and contemplation – especially on Mondays.

Coffee is my Monday morning happy pill.

Coffee: the nectar of the Monday gods.

I don’t snarl on Mondays, I caffeinate.

Monday mornings are for coffee and second chances.

Coffee is the only accessory I need on a Monday morning.

Mondays may be rough, but coffee is the sweetener of life.

Coffee: the ultimate Monday morning lifesaver.

When in doubt, just add more coffee on a Monday morning.

Coffee: it’s like a warm hug for my brain on Mondays.

Monday mornings are tough, but coffee makes them a little bit smoother.

Mondays are the coffee of the week – you can’t survive without them.

Coffee is my Monday morning battle cry.

Mondays are made more bearable with a cup of coffee to appease the Monday gods.

Coffee is the lifeblood that flows through my veins on Monday mornings.

Mornings are my arch-nemesis, but coffee is my secret weapon.

I don’t believe in Mondays, but I do believe in the power of coffee.

I may stumble through Mondays, but I’ll do it with a coffee in hand.

In a world full of Mondays, coffee is my happy place.

Coffee: the secret ingredient to surviving Monday morning meetings.

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