Funny Goodnight Sayings to Brighten Up Your Nights

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Even the night owls need to sleep. Goodnight!

Hitting the hay, dreaming in high def. Good night!

The sandman is coming. Surrender to sleep. Nighty Night.

May your dreams be sweet and your nightmares nonexistent. Goodnight!

Off to the land where dreams come true, let’s rendezvous there. Goodnight!

Sleep like a baby, wake up like a queen. Goodnight!

Beware of the bed bugs, time for a very good night!

Sleep tight and don?t let the bad dreams bite!

Calling it a day, let?s meet in dreamland tonight.

Giving the sheep a break tonight, counting stars instead. Goodnight!

Time to give the pillow some head, and the bed some body. Goodnight!

Night night, sleep so tight, hope the bed bugs do not bite!

Bid the moon goodnight, for Mr. Sandman is in sight.

Bed?s calling, gotta crash. Prepare for tomorrow?s bash. Goodnight!

Float to dreamland on cotton candy clouds. Goodnight!

Time to tuck in your worries and let your dreams bloom. Goodnight!

The stars called, they want their sparkle back. Nighty Night.

We?re off to see the Sandman, the wonderful Sandman of Zzz. Goodnight!

May your dreams be as soft as your pillow. Sleep well!

Time to dream of soft puppies and rainbow unicorns. Goodnight.

Don’t forget to dream about me. Goodnight!

Even in my wildest dreams, I could never dream up a creature as wonderful as you! Goodnight.

Night, night, don’t let the bed bugs bite. If they do, punch them right. Can’t sleep tight, don’t worry it’s alright.

The stars cannot shine without darkness and you can’t sleep without a goodnight wish. So, dream on!

May your dreams be filled with the fluffiest of pillows and coziest of blankets. Goodnight!

And remember: as long as you have smartphone, you will never be alone. Goodnight!

May your dreams be as sweet as candy floss and your worries light as a feather. Goodnight!

Keep calm and dream on. Goodnight!

Give the sheep a break and count blessings instead. Goodnight!

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to disagree? Sleep tight!

Don’t count sheep, let your worries fly away and sleep. Goodnight!

Don’t be afraid of nightmares, without any dark thoughts your dreams would be so boring… Goodnight!

Even the darkest night will end and sun will rise, but now just go to sleep! Goodnight!

Let your dreams be the sweetest sugar in the cup of your life. Goodnight!

Don’t count calories, count stars and have a Goodnight!

Smile before sleep and you’ll wake up happy. Goodnight!

Catch the best dreams with your heart’s net. Goodnight!

Don’t lose hope. You never know what tomorrow may bring. But now, get some sleep! Goodnight!

May your dreams be as limitless as the universe. Goodnight!

The moon is the world’s nightlight. Don’t be afraid of darkness. Goodnight!

Don’t count sheep, count blessings. Goodnight, sleep tight!

Just like the moon, you can say I am also half-asleep. Goodnight!

Shhh! Can’t you hear it’s pillows and blankets calling me? Goodnight.

The moon’s admirable job: reminding us of bedtime. Goodnight!

Deactivating my hustle until the sun reactivates it tomorrow. Goodnight!

The moon is on but I’m switching off. Goodnight!

I?m just a few Zzz?s away from tomorrow. Goodnight!

Time to ride my dream train out of Reality Station. Goodnight!

I’m off to sleep. Mind sending any to-do lists, complaints, or worries to my subconscious?

Sleep calling – too powerful to resist! Goodnight!

Bidding goodbye to the world as I travel to dreamland. Goodnight!

Laying down, shutting eyes, logging out of reality? Goodnight!

Sliding down the moonbeams straight into my dreamland. Goodnight!

Signing off from reality. Next stop, dreamland. Goodnight!

Off to tuck myself into cloud nine. Goodnight, everyone!

Time for me to hibernate. Wake me up when it?s morning. Goodnight!

Out of order for the next 8 hours. Goodnight!

Lights off, I’m dreaming already. Sweet dreams to you too!

Goodnight, time to recharge – fighting dragons in dreams is a tough job!

Tickling the keys of dream piano, it?s time for music in sleep. Goodnight!

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