Funny Golf Sayings to Bring Good Luck

printing messages on golf balls

May your swings be straight and your balls fly far!

May your putt be as short as a gimme!

Here’s to fairways and greens in your future!

Aim high, golf low. Good Luck!

May your drives be long and your putts be accurate!

Good luck, and remember ? the scorecard shows no pictures!

May the bounce of the ball always be in your favour!

May the golf gods be with you on the green!

A ball in the hand is worth two in the bush. Play well!

May your strokes be few and your gimmes be plenty!

Hit it, chase it, play it where it lies. Good luck!

May your ball never find a water hazard or an out-of-bounds stake.

Hit ’em long and straight and not too often!

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Swing away!

May your golf balls avoid all hazards!

Keep calm, tee up, swing away ? good luck!

Fairways to aim and greens to hold, good luck ? be brave, be bold!

May you always play in the short grass!

The harder you swing, the luckier you get. Good luck!

Good luck and always remember ? Golf is a game of inches!

May your balls fly straight and land soft!

May your swing be swift and your aim be true!

May the ‘greens’ always be in your favor!

Here’s to staying out of the rough and on the green!

Wishing you hole-in-ones and no sand bunkers!

May your balls sink in the hole as often as they are hit!

No bogeys, no problem. Good luck!

May every tee-off be a fairway finder!

May your putts be short and your drives be long!

Remember, you’re one good swing away from a great round!

Your golf game should be like a good comedy – full of great drives and no bunkers.

Happy golfing! And remember, bunkers are just beaches without water.

May your drives be long and your putts be sweet!

Good luck! And remember, the fewer strokes the better.

Wishing you eagles and birdies all day long!

Hit it hard and hope it finds the green!

May the slice be always in your enemy’s court!

Here’s to keeping your balls on the short grass!

May the fairways rise up to meet you and the wind always be at your back!

Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the green!

May your golf balls never find the sand!

May the fairway be with you!

May your putts be short and your drives long!

Swing it, wing it, and bring it good luck!

May your golf cart be speedier than your golf swing!

Good luck! And remember, it’s all in the hips!

May the birdies be with you!

May your golf balls forever avoid water hazards!

A bad day of golf still beats a good day at work. Good luck!

May your clubs hit true and your balls find the hole!

May your tees be as lucky as a four-leafed clover!

May your golf swing never lose its fairway finesse!

Golf isn’t about perfect shots, it’s about perfect moments. Good Luck!

Wishing you strokes of genius on the green!

Drive it like you stole it!

May your swings always fly straight and your balls never stray!

The ball’s in your court, or should I say green! Good luck!

Go forth and conquer the course!

May your golf game be as sharp as your golf spikes!

When it comes to golf, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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