Funny Frog Sayings: A Collection to Leap for


Leap into the world, just like a frog!

To feel froggy, you must take the leap.

Be a frog in the pool of life, not a frog in the well.

Don’t be such a tad-pole, lighten up!

Even a frog can’t stop hopping towards its dreams.

Feel froggy, then hop!

Be a leap ahead, just like a frog.

Stay calm and croak on.

Frogs have it easy, they eat what bugs them.

Frog: the ultimate bug catcher.

Keep calm and hop on!

I’m feeling froggy, ready to leap!

Just another day in the pond!

Don’t toad me around!

Frogs don’t waste time looking back, they leap forward.

I’m not a prince, but I can still make you jump!

To a frog, every day is a good day to hop.

Every leap you take, gets you one step closer to the top.

Keep calm and ribbit.

Hop right into life with full force, just like a frog.

Feel free like a frog, leap before you look!

Be a frog: stay green and keep jumping forward.

Embrace changes, be a frog, start as a tadpole!

When life gets you down, just hop like a frog!

Remember the frog: you can’t jump forward if you’re always looking back.

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.

If you feel like a frog, remember, even a frog becomes a prince.

Try not to be a tadpole in a big pond, aim to be the frog that rules the swamp.

Leap into life like a frog off a lily pad!

The frog in the well knows nothing of the sea, challenge your perceptions!

Why fit in when you can be a frog and stand out?

Keep calm and hop on, says the frog.

Life’s a leap, not a hop. Be more frog!

Remember the frog ? it never jumps backward.

Rule your swamp, like a frog rules its pond!

Like a frog, rise with every leap, not just the sunset.

Be a frog in the pond of life, surf in the waves of change!

Don’t worry, even frogs have to deal with croaks in their life.

Calm as a frog on a lily pad, that’s the frog-life!

The goal isn’t to live forever, it’s to leap while you are alive!

You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before finding a prince.

Never trust a frog, they’re always hopping from one place to another.

Life is like a pond, try not to be just another frog.

Being a frog in a well does not prevent you from jumping high.

Leap forward, you’re not just ANY frog in the pond.

It?s easy being green when you?re a cool frog!

As cool as a frosted frog on a cold lily pad.

The frog does not jump in the daytime without a reason.

Keep calm and hop on.

Slow down snail, you’re already a frog’s dinner.

Don?t worry about a few flies, not every jump has to be perfect.

If you’re feeling froggy, leap!

It’s okay to ribbit, it’s okay to hop, it’s okay to be a frog.

Be the frog that makes its own lily pad.

If a frog becomes a king, he will make the whole kingdom to a swamp.

Been there, swam that.

Feeling froggy is more a state of mind than a physical condition.

You can’t see the beauty of the pond if you’re always hopping.

Being a frog means, you can jump twice as high as your dreams.

Be a frog, stay cool and hop at your own pace.

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