Funny Drugs Quotes

I don’t need drugs, I’m already high on life!

Life is better with a little sprinkling of drugs and a whole lot of laughter.

Drug-free and loving it, but I won’t say no to a funny quote.

Drugs may be funny in the moment, but laughter is always the best high.

Don’t be a pill, be a jokester!

A dose of laughter is the only drug I need.

Funny drugs quotes: the perfect prescription for a dull day.

Life is too short for boring drugs. Give me laughter any day.

Drugs may make you high, but laughter will make you fly.

Laughter is the best kind of intoxication.

Funny drugs quotes: a mind-altering experience without the side effects.

If laughter is the best medicine, then drugs are just a funny placebo.

The only drug I’ll ever need is a good punchline.

Drugs may be a temporary escape, but laughter is a lifelong addiction.

The only high I’m chasing is the burst of laughter that comes from a funny drug quote.

Who needs drugs when you can have comedy?

Funny drugs quotes: the legal way to make your brain laugh.

I’d rather overdose on laughter than any other substance.

Drugs may give you a thrill, but laughter will leave you fulfilled.

Funny drugs quotes: the natural way to get high on life.

Laughter is the best remedy, and funny quotes are the perfect dosage.

The only trip I’m interested in is the one that ends in a fit of laughter.

Even the strongest drugs can’t compete with the power of a good joke.

Funny drugs quotes: the antidote to a boring day.

Just say no to drugs, but yes to funny quotes.

The best kind of drug is the one that tickles your funny bone.

Laughter is the drug of choice for happy people.

Funny drugs quotes: the perfect high without the crash.

No drug can make you feel as good as a genuine laugh.

Laughter is the key to unlocking the mind’s funniest potential.

Funny drugs quotes: a legal way to get a little loopy.

Drugs may alter your reality, but laughter will lift your spirits.

When life gets tough, funny drugs quotes are the perfect pick-me-up.

The only side effect of a funny drug quote is uncontrollable laughter.

Choose laughter over drugs – it’s the healthier high.

Funny drugs quotes: the non-prescription way to cure a dull day.

Laughter is my drug of choice, and funny quotes are my dealer.

Funny drugs quotes: the perfect reminder that life is better when you’re smiling.

Drugs may numb the pain, but laughter heals the soul.

Life is a comedy, and funny drugs quotes are the punchlines.

The only trip I need is down the rabbit hole of a good laugh.

Laughter may not be a drug, but it’s certainly addictive.

Funny drugs quotes: the legal way to get your daily dose of hilarity.

Drugs may give you a temporary high, but laughter is a permanent state of joy.

Never underestimate the power of a good joke – it’s the ultimate mood enhancer.

Laughter is the best high – no prescription needed.

Funny drugs quotes: the socially acceptable way to get your fix.

Drugs may make you feel invincible, but laughter makes you feel alive.

Choose laughter over drugs – it’s the wiser choice for a happier life.

Funny drugs quotes: because life is too short to take everything seriously.

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