Funny doormat sayings

Step on my doormat, release your stress.

Leave your worries and shoes at the door.

Welcome to the party, bring tacos.

Don’t knock, just bring pizza.

This doormat loves unannounced visitors.

Please take off your shoes and dance your way in.

Enter if you have cookies.

This doormat has a great sense of humor, do you?

Welcome, may the force be with you.

Leave your bad attitude outside.

Don’t be a stranger, be a weirdo.

All guests must be approved by the cat.

Welcome to the home of endless bad jokes.

If the dog doesn’t like you, we probably won’t either.

Leave your worries and shoes behind, both are overrated.

Knock knock, who’s there? Awesome people only.

Enter with a smile, leave with a laugh.

This doormat is an expert in funny welcomes.

Caution: funny people inside, enter at your own risk.

Your presence is requested, your shoes are not.

Welcome to the circus, leave your sanity outside.

Bring beer and good vibes, leave your troubles behind.

If the shoe fits, take it off.

Leave your drama at the door, we have enough of our own.

Enter with a joke or a funny dance, or both.

Take off your shoes and take a step into happiness.

Welcome to the fun house, where laughter is mandatory.

This doormat is fluent in sarcasm.

Enter if you dare… to have a good time.

Leave your problems outside, this is a problem-free zone.

Welcome, where every day is a happy day.

Please excuse the mess, but enter anyway.

Just a friendly reminder: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Chicken. Chicken who? Chicken out if you don’t have a good joke.

You’ve reached the land of funny doormats, buckle up for a good time.

Enter as strangers, leave as friends.

Step on this doormat and instantly become 10% happier.

Before you enter, do a little dance to make sure you’re in the right mood.

Welcome, where the inside is just as fun as the outside.

Leave your worries outside and come in for some belly laughs.

Enter with a smile, leave with a chuckle.

Step lightly on this doormat, it has feelings too.

Don’t forget your sense of humor at the door.

Enter if you can handle our funny personalities.

Take off your shoes and enter a world of laughter.

Welcome, where happiness begins inside.

Life is short, enter and have a good laugh.

Leave your shoes and negativity outside.

Please remove your shoes and your grumpy face.

Welcome to the funniest doormat on the block.

Enter with a joke, leave with a smile.

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