Funny DIY Tombstone Sayings

I told you I was sick!

Here lies the world’s greatest procrastinator.

I guess I won’t be taking any more selfies.

Rest in pieces of pizza.

I’d rather be alive.

No need to mourn, I left my body for the after-party.

I finally found the secret to eternal sleep.

In loving memory of my last brain cell.

I guess my ‘YOLO’ days are over.

Here lies the comedian, finally resting in peace.

I didn’t choose this tombstone, the tombstone chose me.

Reader discretion advised: I haunt these grounds.

Please do not tap on the glass, I’m trying to sleep.

RIP to my online presence.

Here lies the procrastination champion.

I asked for a pyramid, they gave me this!

I’m just exploring the other side of life now.

I thought the afterlife would have better Wi-Fi.

I regret nothing, except maybe that last burrito.

I always said I wanted a big rock in my front yard.

Turn back, there’s nothing to see here but bones and regrets.

Ready for my night shift as a ghost.

Warning: excessive ghostly laughter ahead.

I bet you can’t guess how I died!

Found my final resting spot and it’s not even a beach.

I’d rather be at happy hour, but here I am.

Worst case of restless soul syndrome.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Do not disturb, even in the afterlife.

This haunted house comes with complimentary ghosts.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the expiration date.

Consider this my permanent out-of-office reply.

I finally have an excuse to make terrible ghost puns.

Here lies the founder of the ‘Couch Potato’ movement.

Gone, but not forgotten… well, maybe a little forgotten.

I prefer my new view from six feet under.

Never underestimate the power of a good nap.

Decomposing one joke at a time.

Gone, but still lurking on social media.

I’m dead serious about rest.

If you can read this, please bring snacks.

No longer a human, just a really dedicated ghost.

Here lies someone who never understood the meaning of ‘stop and smell the roses’.

Making the afterlife my personal ghostly adventure.

I guess I wasn’t immortal after all.

Out of office, permanently.

This graveyard has the best dead-ication level.

If you’re reading this, you’re next.

I finally found the ultimate form of self-care: eternal sleep.

Died doing what I love: nothing.

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