Funny Christian Quotes

I’m not just a Christian, I’m a hilariously saved sinner.

God has a sense of humor, that’s why he made me!

Who needs a Netflix comedy special when you have the history of the Bible?

I asked God for a sense of humor, and then I realized he made me!

Christianity: Where laughter is the best form of prayer.

I don’t always do Christian yoga, but when I do, I call it ‘Halle-lounger’.

They say laughter is the best medicine, but I say it’s the Holy Spirit.

Being a Christian means having an eternal supply of dad jokes.

I don’t need a comedy show, I have Bible study.

I’m not just funny, I’m faith-filled and funny!

When life gets tough, I turn to Jesus and a good knock-knock joke.

I laughed so hard at the pastor’s joke, I almost joined the worship team.

Christianity: It’s all fun and games until someone says ‘Let’s pray’.

I may not be able to part the Red Sea, but I can partake in some good Christian humor.

God spoke, and I’m pretty sure he said, ‘Thou shalt laugh’.

Did you hear about the Christian comedian? He could heal with one punchline!

I may not have the gift of tongues, but I definitely have the gift of laughter.

Who needs a miracle when you have a Christian comedian in the pulpit?

I asked God for a sign, and he sent me a funny church bulletin.

Life as a Christian is like a stand-up comedy routine, except the punchlines are all about redemption.

Jesus turned water into wine, but I turn awkward situations into laughter.

Laughter is the sound of the Holy Spirit having a good time.

God has a great sense of humor, otherwise he wouldn’t have made family dinners.

I’m pretty sure ‘LOL’ stands for ‘Love Our Lord’.

If laughter is contagious, then I hope I’m highly infectious.

Why did the Christian cross the road? To tell a joke on the other side!

I may not have the gift of prophecy, but I can predict when a punchline is coming.

They say laughter is the best medicine, but the Bible is a close second.

God invented laughter to remind us that life doesn’t always have to be serious.

Why did the Christian bring a ladder to church? Because he wanted to get closer to Heaven… and the punchline!

Christianity: Where bad puns and eternal salvation come together.

I laughed so hard, I think I just added an extra ‘amen’ to the sermon.

I don’t need a comedy special, I have a testimony.

God created humans with a sense of humor because he knew we’d need something to get us through Mondays.

Crossing paths with a Christian comedian is like finding manna from Heaven.

Christianity: Where laughter meets repentance.

I don’t go to comedy clubs, I go to church.

I asked God for a sign, and he sent me a funny Christian meme.

Believing in God is like having a never-ending supply of stand-up material.

I used to be a stand-up comedian, but now I’m more of a kneel-down comedian.

I don’t always laugh in church, but when I do, it’s during communion.

Christianity: Turning water into wine and bad days into good jokes.

They say a merry heart does good like medicine, so my prescription is to keep laughing.

I may not have the gift of healing, but I can cure sadness with a well-timed joke.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The Holy Spirit, and he’s got a punchline for you!

Why did the Christian go to the amusement park? To ride the ‘Holy Coaster’!

I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer and laughter.

I don’t need a comedy club, I have a Bible study group.

Why did the Christian take up stand-up comedy? Because he wanted to share the Good News with a punchline!

Christianity: Where ‘Thou shalt not laugh’ is not one of the commandments.

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