Funny Chevy Sayings and Quotes: Light-hearted Humor for Car Enthusiasts

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In Chevy we trust, everything else we test drive!

I’d rather push a Chevy than drive a Ford.

You can’t spell ‘love’ without ‘Chevrolet’.

I only drink on two occasions: when it’s my birthday and when I’m driving my Chevy!

Chevy: Turning drivers into enthusiasts since

Life is too short to drive boring cars – get a Chevy!

My blood type is Chevy-positive!

Once you go Chevy, you never go back.

Nested in a Chevy, home is wherever we park.

Born to be wild…but only in a Chevrolet.

Chevy: For those who think driving should never be dull.

Chevy: Because life’s too short for traffic lights.

I’m a simple person who hides a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile… and a shiny Chevy.

Every driveway deserves a Chevy.

Chevys are like chips, you can’t have just one!

May the horsepower be with you…in a Chevy!

If life is a highway, I want to drive it in my Chevy.

My Chevy doesn’t leak oil, it marks its territory.

Follow your dreams…in a Chevy!

You can?t buy happiness, but you can buy a Chevy and that?s kind of the same thing.

Chevy runs deep, but my humor runs deeper.

I don’t have road rage, I drive a Chevy!

Bowtie till I die. That’s my Chevy motto!

I’d rather push a Chevy than drive any other car.

Chevy: Where ‘rust’ is just another color option.

Ain’t no melody sweeter than a Chevy’s revving beat.

Hard to spell, easy to drive. That’s Chevrolet for you!

I only pass gas stations. Thanks, Chevy.

Don’t call it a car, it’s a Chevy!

My Chevy has tire-drama and oil tantrums. Still love it!

Chevy: Winning hearts and races since

Life may come with speed bumps, but my Chevy and I are ready!

Keep calm, it’s a Chevy thing.

Nothing comes close to a Chevy. Nothing.

Chevy trucks: Because life’s too short for a boring ride.

Can’t afford therapy? Get a Chevy.

With my Chevy, every exit is an entrance to a new adventure.

Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride in my Chevy!

I’m not speeding, it’s called ‘Chevying’.

Our favorite bowties aren’t on suits, they’re on our Chevrolets!

Chevy: Turning drivers into mechanics since 1911!

Why is it called a Chevy and not a runvy?

My Chevy doesn’t leak oil, it just marks its territory.

If you can’t dodge it, it must be a Chevy!

You can’t spell ‘love’ without ‘Chevy’.

Chevy owners: We’re like a cult, but with better cars.

Time and Chevys wait for no man!

Love is temporary, but a Chevy is forever.

Chevy: Making every mile a memory.

If you want to know how to time travel, buy a Chevy. It’ll take you straight back to the mechanic shop.

Happiness is the road ahead and a Chevy to drive.

Chevy- Built to stay on the road, but stays in the garage just as well!

If at first your Chevy doesn’t succeed, dust it off and drive it again!

No road is too long when you’re cruising in a Chevy.

Ford has a better idea – it’s called a Chevy.

A Sunday drive is everyday in a Chevy.

Some call it an obsession, but I’d call my Chevy love.

Life’s too short to drive a boring car, get a Chevy.

Chevy: Because speed limits are just suggestions.

Go ahead, walk back to your Ford. My Chevy and I will wait for the tow truck.

Keep calm and let the Chevy handle it.

Once a Chevy owner, always a Chevy fan.

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