Funny Candle Sayings That Will Light Up Your Day


Burnin’ love for these candles.

Every candle is a tiny spark of joy.

Candle: because expensive perfumes aren’t enough.

There’s magic in every little flame.

Making the world a bit brighter, one candle at a time.

Candlelight and chill?

Candles: turning baths into spas since forever.

Follow the candle, it knows where the warmth is.

Good vibes? Light me up!

One flicker can ignite the spirit.

I’m the light of the party!

Candles: your first aid for a power cut.

Love is like a candlelight, glowing in the heart.

Just a girl and her candle stash.

May my light always brighten your path.

I’m scented, therefore I am.

My relaxation secret? A good book and a scented candle.

Save electricity, light a candle.

Make a wish, blow the candle.

Candles: because sometimes light bulbs are just too harsh.

I’m not a hothead, I’m a candle.

Kindling enthusiasm one wick at a time.

Candles: because life is better when it’s lit.

Life is short; burn the good candle first!

I’m a little lit, but only wick deep.

Wax on, worries off.

Candle lover? No, I prefer the term Enlightened.

Got my mind on my candle and my candle on my mind.

Burning the candle at both ends, because why not?

Keep calm and candle on.

Here’s my burning desire, displayed in wax and fire.

Candle: Because sometimes you need to throw a little shade.

Unscented? That’s a scent-iment I can’t agree with.

You say obsession, I say illumination.

Flicker, glow, repeat.

Handle your business; I’ll handle my candle.

Waxing poetic, burning literal.

No wick, no wisdom.

On a hot melt down, but still shining bright.

Find your fire; live your light.

Life’s no candle without a little cake.

At the end of the wick, is a flicker of hope.

Candles: Alight with good vibes and scented moods.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle – or three.

Candlelight dinner? More candles, less dinner!

Candles: Helping you see things in a softer light.

Melting for you since the very wick.

I’m all waxed up, where’s the party?

On a bad day, there’s always candlelight.

Be the candle that lights up someone’s darkness.

Wax on, worries off.

The best lightbulb is a candle!

Light, laugh, love ? that?s what candles are made of.

Got the wick? Don’t forget the flick!

Candles are the keepers of our flame-quenched hearts.

Fragrance and flicker, wax and wicks.

Candles: Because every bath needs a bit of drama.

I’d burn the night away for you.

Candles: For when your home needs a little more hygge.

Got a moment? Light a candle!

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