Funniest Quotes About Boys

Boys are like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken.

Boys: a temporary distraction from the lifelong pursuit of happiness.

Boys may come and go, but ice cream is always there for you.

Boys are like mascara, they run at the first sign of emotion.

Boys are like noodles, they’re only straight until they get wet.

Boys are like snowflakes, they always disappear when it gets too warm.

Boys are like math problems, I’m still trying to figure them out.

Boys are like cats, they only want attention when you’re busy.

Boys are like shoes, you have to try on a lot before you find the perfect fit.

Boys are like parking tickets, they always show up when you least expect them.

Boys are like Bluetooth, they’re connected to everyone but always searching for a better connection.

Boys are like candles, the longer you burn them, the more they melt.

Boys are like elections, they promise you the world and then disappoint you.

Boys are like balloons, they look cute until they pop.

Boys are like chocolate, irresistible but not good for you in large quantities.

Boys are like mobile phones, they always have low battery when you need them the most.

Boys are like TV channels, there’s always another one to switch to.

Boys are like hashtags, they only make sense when used sparingly.

Boys are like puzzles, you always have to figure them out piece by piece.

Boys are like roller coasters, fun for a while but can make you feel dizzy and sick.

Boys are like bad hair days, you just have to wait for them to pass.

Boys are like dreams, they rarely become reality.

Boys are like clouds, they can’t make up their mind and always change their shape.

Boys are like rubber bands, they always snap back when you let go.

Boys are like light switches, they can turn you on or off with a flick.

Boys are like shadows, they’re always following you around.

Boys are like weather forecasts, they’re often wrong but we still listen to them.

Boys are like alarm clocks, they’re annoying but necessary to wake up.

Boys are like crayons, they come in all different colors and some are sharper than others.

Boys are like WiFi signals, they come and go depending on the location.

Boys are like fishing, you have to throw back a few before you catch a good one.

Boys are like roller skates, they’re fun to ride but can be dangerous if you don’t know how to control them.

Boys are like campaigns, they promise a lot but rarely deliver.

Boys are like doorbells, you never know who’s going to ring them.

Boys are like bubbles, they’re fun to play with but always burst in the end.

Boys are like coffee, they keep you awake at night and give you a buzz in the morning.

Boys are like local TV commercials, you can’t help but laugh at them.

Boys are like the weather, constantly changing and never predictable.

Boys are like game consoles, they’re fun to play with but can also be a huge waste of time.

Boys are like fireworks, they’re exciting at first but can fizzle out quickly.

Boys are like puzzles, the more you try to fit them in, the more pieces are missing.

Boys are like popcorn, they pop up when you least expect them.

Boys are like GPS, always giving you directions but often leading you astray.

Boys are like shoes, sometimes you have to walk away from them to find the perfect pair.

Boys are like books, some are easy reads while others are a never-ending story.

Boys are like roller coasters, they scare the crap out of you but you still want to ride them.

Boys are like boxers, they’re always fighting to be on top.

Boys are like pizza, even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty good.

Boys are like pick-up lines, usually cheesy and rarely successful.

Boys are like vending machines, they require exact change for any kind of satisfaction.

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