Freddy Krueger Quotes: Remembering the Iconic Lines of the Nightmare Nemesis

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Welcome to my nightmare.

You have nothing to worry about. This won’t hurt one … little … bit.

Why are you screaming? I haven’t even caught you yet.

This is God.

You think you was gonna get away from me?

I’m your boyfriend now.

How sweet, fresh meat.

You are all my children now.

I’m your dream master.

Every town has an Elm Street.

Welcome to prime time!

You can’t hurt me, this is just a dream!

I’ve been away from my children for far too long.

I’m the stuff nightmares are made of.

If the food don’t kill ya, the service will.

Now I lay me down to sleep, the master of dreams, my soul I’ll keep.

Never sleep again.

There’s a little of me in everyone.

Your mouth says no but your body says yes.

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.

Have a nice stroll, asshole.

Tell them Freddy sent you.

You’ve got the body, and I’ve got the brain.

5, 6, grab your crucifix. 7, 8, gonna stay up late. 9, 10, never sleep again.

What a rush!

Welcome to my nightmare. – Freddy Krueger

You can’t kill me. I’m already dead. You’re just the afterbirth, slipping away. – Freddy Krueger

Come to Freddy. – Freddy Krueger

This is just a dream, he isn’t real! He isn’t real! – Freddy Krueger

I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy. – Freddy Krueger

You’ve got the body, I’ve got the brain. – Freddy Krueger

There’s no waking up from this nightmare! – Freddy Krueger

Ever played skin the cat? – Freddy Krueger

I am eternal. – Freddy Krueger

Why don’t ya reach out and cut someone! – Freddy Krueger

Every town has an Elm Street. – Freddy Krueger

I’m your worst dream come true! – Freddy Krueger

I’m not a guest in your nightmare, I’m its master! – Freddy Krueger

Tell ’em Freddy sent ya! – Freddy Krueger

Sweet dreams, little meatball. – Freddy Krueger

How’s this for a wet dream? – Freddy Krueger

You shouldn’t have buried me. I’m not dead. – Freddy Krueger

When it comes to killing, you’re the failure. I’m the artist. – Freddy Krueger

I’m back. And you must be wondering why. Well, it’s simple. I have some unfinished business. – Freddy Krueger

Sleep, those little slices of death ? how I loathe them. – Freddy Krueger

Welcome to my nightmare!

You’ve got the body… I’ve got the brain.

Now I’m playing with power!

Welcome to prime time, bitch!

This… is God.

Tell ’em Freddy sent you.

I’m your boyfriend now!

You shouldn’t have buried me. I’m not dead.

Your wish is my command!

?Every town has an Elm Street.?

Never sleep again!

You’ve got their power, I’ve got their souls!

I am eternal

Let’s get high.

You are all my children now

The souls of the children give me strength.

I’m into survival.

See you in Hell!

Bonappetit, bitch.

Nightmares are my specialty.

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