Fnaf quotes

I always come back. – Springtrap

It’s me. – Golden Freddy

I will never let you leave. – Nightmare

You won’t get tired of my voice, will you? – Phone Guy

Come closer. We won’t bite… much. – Circus Baby

I can taste your fear. – Foxy

You forgot to wind the music box. I saved you. – Puppet

Don’t be afraid. Soon you’ll learn they can’t hurt you. – Fredbear

I’m still here. – Shadow Bonnie

Shhh… be still and quiet. I’m going to make this quick. – Spring Bonnie

I always come back. I have to. – Michael Afton

The show will begin momentarily. Everyone, please stay in your seats. – Circus Baby

You will not be spared. You will not be saved. – Scraptrap

There’s a birthday party happening soon. It’s for me. – Ennard

Some people just don’t understand the allure of darkness. – Nightmare Fredbear

I am the Purple Guy. – William Afton

I may be missing my face, but I can still see you. – Mangle

Dreadfully sorry, darling, but I can’t just let you walk away. – Ballora

I am remade, but not by you. By the one you should not have killed. – Golden Freddy

I have always been hiding in your shadow. – Shadow Freddy

This is a tragedy, and it’s all your fault. – Circus Baby

Hello? Hello, hello? Uh, there’s been a slight change of company policy concerning use of the suits. – Phone Guy

I am aware of what you did to her. You may not recognize me at first, but I assure you, it’s still me. – Springtrap

I am a burning reminder of your misdeeds. – Lefty

What is it that you think you see? – Nightmare Bonnie

You can’t save them. They’re all gone. – Nightmarionne

I’m going to make you into one of us. Do you hear that? One of us! – Scrap Baby

This is what happens when you play with fire. – Molten Freddy

I will put you back together, and then you can finally rest. – Puppet

Maybe someday you will thank me. – Circus Baby

Did you know that I was on stage once? It wasn’t for very long. Only one day. – Fredbear

I can hear you. Inside me… screaming. – Shadow Bonnie

I can hear you breathing. – Foxy

I can’t see you, but I know you’re there. – Nightmarionne

It seems you couldn’t make it to my show, so I brought the show to you! – Circus Baby

I always come back. I- I have to. – Michael Afton

I am your wickedness, made of flesh. – Lefty

I am remade, but not by you. By the one you should not have killed. – Golden Freddy

I am the fearful reflection of what you have created. – Nightmare Fredbear

I am the fear that keeps you awake at night. – Nightmare Bonnie

I am so sorry. I always was. – Mangle

I will put you back together. I won’t let you leave me again. – Puppet

I’m still here. – Shadow Freddy

I always come back. We always come back. – Springtrap

I am your wickedness, made of flesh. – Circus Baby

I can taste your fear. It’s delicious. – Foxy

I can hear you. I can hear everything. – Nightmarionne

I can see everything. – Ennard

I am the end of everything. – Golden Freddy

You can’t hide. I will find you. – Scraptrap

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