Enlightening Gnome Quotes to Brighten Your day


Gnomes are nature’s secret keepers, always listening, always watching.

Adventure doesn?t differentiate between big or small, all that matters is a brave heart.

Gnomes may be petite but their spirits are gigantic.

The good thing about being a gnome, the world looks so much bigger and brighter.

Every mushroom is a house when you’re a gnome.

Gnomes: handy to have around, if you can find us.

Gnome wisdom is sampled in bite-sized chunks.

We might be small but our hearts are as vast as the forest.

Gnomes respect the world around them, every leaf, every drop of water matters.

To gnome is to love life.

Think deep, dig deeper; the gnome’s way of life.

Our height is small, but our thoughts tower high.

One gnome?s junk is another gnome?s treasure.

Don?t underestimate the persistence of a gnome.

Gnomes: small in size, big on adventures.

Just because we’re small, doesn’t mean our dreams are too.

Wisdom doesn’t count inches.

Who needs height when you have depth of character?

Keep calm and gnome on.

Big tasks are handled one small step at a time, that?s the gnome?s way.

Life is short, but gnomes are shorter.

There is no place like gnome.

Being a gnome means having a short temper but a tall character.

Gnomes don’t make a home, but they sure do liven it up.

A gnome in time saves nine.

A gnome’s heart is the size of his hat.

Brevity is the soul of wit, and being a gnome.

Behind every mushroom, there’s a gnome with a story.

A gnome?s wisdom is measured not by his years, but by his beard.

Gnomes know the paths in the forest better than any map could show.

Gnomes don’t fear the growth of trees, but the absence of them.

In a gnome world, even the smallest act is a big deal.

A gnome isn’t measured by his height, but by the height of his dreams.

To gnome me is to love me.

Take gnomes for granted and they’ll surely take you for granted.

A gnome without a garden is like a king without a kingdom.

Gnomes: We’re tiny, we’re toony, we’re all a little loony.

In the whispering wind of the forest, there lies the laughter of gnomes.

Chasing gnomes is like chasing dreams. Both are magical, elusive, and worthwhile.

Gnome sweet gnome, there’s no better dome.

With a skip in my step and a twinkle in my eye, ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t fly! – Gnome Proverb

Life is too short for long-term grudges and too long for short-term pleasures. – Gnome Saying

Being a gnome is a state of mind, not a size of body.

Whiskers twitching, ears pricking, ready to make the magic happen.

Say what you will about gnomes, we know how to enjoy the finer gems in life.

A gnome’s grumble is louder than a troll’s roar.

Life?s always a big adventure for such a little gnome.

In the heart of every gnome, there are seeds of magic just waiting to sprout.

People underestimate gnomes, and that’s exactly our strength.

Life?s too short to be anything but gnome-fabulous!

If all else fails, use gnomesometry.

Nothing is out of a gnome’s reach. You just need a long enough ladder.

Gnome matter what, remember to stand tall.

A gnome without a hat is like a sky without stars.

Gnomes are proof that size doesn?t define strength.

Gnomes don’t discriminate: any book is worth reading.

Remember, you’re gnome-tastic, just the way you are!

Shine bright, twinkle a little, be a gnome in a world of humans.

A gnome’s heart is like his pocket: always room for a friend.

To the world, you may be just one gnome, but to one person, you may be the world.

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