Elmo’s Most Delightful and Inspirational Sayings

28 best elmo quotes

Elmo loves you!

Elmo thinks you’re special!

Keep calm and hug Elmo.

Elmo says it’s okay to make mistakes.

Just another fun day with Elmo.

Elmo believes in you!

Elmo’s world, your world, our world.

Elmo says you’re never too small to dream big.

Elmo’s here to brighten up your day!

Following the tickles around the world with Elmo.

Everyone is welcome in Elmo’s world!

Everyday holds a new adventure for Elmo.

Elmo says it’s okay to share your feelings.

Elmo knows you are stronger than you think.

When in doubt, ask Elmo!

Elmo is here with a big hug for you!

Elmo loves to learn, and so should you!

Let’s turn up the fun with Elmo.

Elmo says to always keep a smile on your face!

Elmo is your forever friend.

Have an Elmo-rific day!

Elmo says you’re wonderful just the way you are!

Elmo is excited to have you as a friend!

Every day’s a sunny day when you’re with Elmo!

In Elmo’s world, imperfect is perfect.

Elmo believes that laughter is the best medicine.

It’s always a sunny day when you have a smile on your face, says Elmo!

Elmo says that no one is perfect, but everyone is special.

Life is always a little better with a song, don’t you think? -Elmo

Hugs not only warm you up but also fill your heart with love – Elmo’s wisdom.

Elmo agrees that words are not the only way we communicate. Your heart can speak volumes.

Elmo says, remember to share and care because it makes life so much more beautiful.

Have a ticklish day! -Peek-a-boo Elmo

A little kindness goes a long way, saith Elmo.

Elmo says that failure is just the key to learning and growth.

Elmo says, no matter how small you are, you can make a big difference!

According to Elmo, it’s not the size of the heart that matters but the amount of love it can give.

Elmo says, the secret ingredient to a happy life is love.

Everybody makes mistakes, that’s nothing to hide from, says Elmo.

The best gifts come from the heart, not the store – Elmo’s observation.

Elmo believes that it’s outstanding to be different because that’s what makes us unique.

Don’t forget, little gestures of kindness can make someone’s day brighter! -Says Elmo.

A day without a laugh is a day wasted, according to Elmo.

Elmo says, growing up is exciting, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Grab every opportunity to learn something new, Elmo’s advice for the day!

Life is like a coloring book. Let your imagination run wild.

Find your own tickle spot!

Don’t forget to laugh out loud every day, it’s good for your heart.

Fill your day with joy and laughter.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Hugs are universal!

If you’re feeling lonely, just look around. You’ve got friends everywhere!

Make the world a better place with a smile.

Crank up the silliness, turn down the worry.

Begin each day with a giggle!

Always say please, thank you, and play nice.?

Life is full of wow moments. Don’t forget to live them.

Get ready, get set, let’s learn!

Kindness starts with you.

Happiness is best when shared.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Always remember to say ‘Elmo loves you!’

Don’t just fit in, stand out!

Strive for progress, not perfection.

Every day is a new adventure, waiting to be explored.

Paint the world with kindness and compassion.

You are strong enough to face it all, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

Let?s make every day a sunny day!

Sing, Dance, Enjoy and Repeat!

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