Dva Quotes

The world could always use more heroes. – D.Va

I play to win! – D.Va

Is this easy mode? – D.Va

Gremlin D.Va online! – D.Va

No one can beat me! – D.Va

The best things in life come in MEKA-sized packages. – D.Va

Nerf this! – D.Va

I live for the applause! – D.Va

I’m on fire! – D.Va

I think I could use a new jet. – D.Va

Video games are the best way to prepare for life. – D.Va

I’m not a psychopath. I’m a high-functioning gamer. – D.Va

There’s no prize for coming in second. – D.Va

I bring the beat, you bring the attitude. – D.Va

Whoa, turn it up! – D.Va

I’m #1 in Korea, #1 in the world, and #1 in your heart. – D.Va

I’m the queen of gaming! – D.Va

My skills are unmatched! – D.Va

You can’t stop me! – D.Va

I’m just getting started! – D.Va

Get behind me! – D.Va

Remember this moment. – D.Va

I’ve got my eye on you! – D.Va

Get ready for a surprise! – D.Va

Boosters engaged! – D.Va

I’m unstoppable! – D.Va

I make it look easy! – D.Va

Game on! – D.Va

Nobody’s gonna take my title! – D.Va

I’m a diva and I know it! – D.Va

I can do this all day! – D.Va

Dva Quotes part 2

Time to raise my APM! – D.Va

Watcha’ lookin’ at? – D.Va

I’m the ultimate gamer! – D.Va

It’s all about the skill! – D.Va

I’m the top of the leaderboard! – D.Va

Nothing’s gonna stop me now! – D.Va

Bring it on! – D.Va

I’m just too good! – D.Va

I don’t need a team, I am the team! – D.Va

I’m in the zone! – D.Va

You can’t beat my high score! – D.Va

I’m the girl in the game! – D.Va

You’ve been D.Va’d! – D.Va

Ready for the big leagues! – D.Va

I’m on top of the world! – D.Va

I am unstoppable! – D.Va

Two words: ‘pro gamer’! – D.Va

Eat my dust! – D.Va

Don’t mess with the best! – D.Va

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