Donkey Sayings: A Fun Exploration of Popular Phrases


Don’t let a donkey kick you twice.

When the donkey sweats, so does the saddle.

A lean donkey is better than a fat cow.

Better a stubborn donkey than a willing camel.

A donkey’s bray echoes for miles, yet it says nothing.

Every donkey thinks he deserves to stand with the king’s horses.

Donkeys will carry you through stones, but will throw you on a blade of grass.

The first kick of a donkey is a lesson, the second a reminder.

Even the slowest donkey can cross the finish line.

Even a donkey feels dignified at the lead of a parade.

Don’t trust a smiling donkey.

A straw broke the donkey’s back but it was not the last straw.

You can’t expect a donkey to win the horse race.

A donkey may carry the load, but it often doesn’t understand what it carries.

He who rides a donkey doesn’t realize how high he sits until he falls.

A little donkey can carry big wisdom.

You can slap a donkey with a carrot, but it still won’t turn into a horse.

It’s the donkey’s stubbornness that keeps him going uphill.

Don’t blame the donkey; blame the load.

Every donkey has his own saddle blanket.

Stubborn as a mule, but half as smart.

Ears like a donkey, singing underwater.

A donkey’s kick does not harm the tiger.

He who rides a donkey doesn’t know the donkey is tired.

The first donkey trip is always the hardest.

Don’t stand near a donkey, he may kick.

Even a donkey can act wise when the path is straight.

Eat like a bird, work like a horse, think like a fox and sleep like a donkey.

The donkey that was destined to be the king of donkeys did not lose his tail in the reeds.

When you see a donkey fly, you don’t blame the donkey.

A good donkey does not trip twice on the same stone.

Every donkey likes to hear himself bray.

A silent donkey usually has loud thoughts.

The donkey sweats, but the horse gets the fame.

Every donkey has his own saddle.

A donkey?s tail will not make a sieve.

You can pack a lot on a willing donkey.

You can’t make a race horse out of a donkey.

Even a donkey feels like a king in his own stable.

There are more kicks in a donkey than in a bottle of whiskey.

Stubborn as a mule, loyal as a donkey.

A show of a donkey?s ears does nothing to improve the lion?s image.

Talk less, work more – the donkey?s way of life.

Two donkeys do not share the same stage.

In donkey?s ears, wise words become an echo of bray.

Speak intelligently or remain silent – the donkey?s dilemma.

Don?t compare a donkey?s gallop with a horse?s trot.

Donkey?s loyalty is often mistaken for stupidity.

When a donkey praises you, watch out for the kick.

Like a donkey carrying a load of wisdom, yet understands nothing.

You can tell a donkey all your secrets, but remember – it?s still a donkey.

Blinkers on a donkey do not make it a racehorse.

Even a donkey does not stumble on the same stone twice.

Only a donkey competes with its own shadow.

Don’t blame the donkey for his bray, rather yourself for not understanding it.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going – the donkey’s commitment.

A donkey’s strength is silent, but significant.

The donkey knows exactly where to find his carrot.

Ears of a donkey are like pages of a book – they contain multitudes.

To a donkey, hay is sweeter than honey.

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