Dodger Sayings: Popular Phrases and Their Origins

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Dodging your fears like a curveball.

Dodger pride, my guide.

Just like the Dodgers, never give up.

Living life the Dodger way – full swing, no misses.

A day with the Dodgers is a home run day.

Life’s a pitch, play it the Dodger way.

Bleeding blue, Dodger through and through.

Dodging life’s curveballs, one game at a time.

Hit the ground running like a Dodger.

Aim for the fences, just as the Dodgers do.

Play with heart, play like a Dodger.

Chase your dreams like the Dodgers chase victory.

Always in the game, just like the Dodgers.

Winning isn?t everything, it?s the only thing – The Dodger’s way.

Echoing the Dodger battle cry to life: never give in.

Keep calm and Dodger on.

Swinging for the stars, the Dodger way.

Making history, one game at a time. Just like the Dodgers.

When in doubt, just think ‘What would a Dodger do?’

My blood type? Dodger blue.

Just another day in Dodger blues.

Bleeding Dodger blue on the field of dreams.

Home is where the Dodgers play.

Dodgers, more than just a game.

Live, love, and cheer for the Dodgers.

Dodging defeat and heading for victory.

Here’s to the Dodgers, just because!

Every day is Dodger Day.

Spring, summer or fall, Dodgers conquer all.

In Dodger We Trust.

Dodgers: Happiness in action.

Chasing dreams with Dodgers.

Life’s a pitch, play it with Dodgers.

With Dodgers, there’s always a chance to shine.

Dodge, strike, win: The Dodgers formula.

Choose brave, choose Dodgers.

Dodgers: There’s no place like home base.

Proud to be a Dodger.

With Dodgers, magic happens on the field.

Dodgers: No boundaries, no fear.

History in the making, go Dodgers!

Everybody in? Let’s go Dodgers!

Dream big, cheer for the Dodgers.

Remember the name, it’s Dodgers!

All you need to know about baseball, is Dodgers.

One team, one dream, Dodgers.

Dodgers or nothing.

Dodgers lead, others follow.

Either you’re with us, or you’re against us. Go, Dodgers!

Catch the wave, feel the thrill, it’s the Dodgers.

Dodgers: Conquerors of the diamond.

Life’s a game, but baseball is serious. Go Dodgers!

There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is in Dodgers.

Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is ? Dodgers spirit!

Never rest until your good is better and your better is best, the Dodgers way.

It’s not just a team, it’s a way of life. Go Dodgers!

Thou shall not steal…unless you’re a Dodger!

Believe in Blue, Believe in Dodgers.

Dodgers: More than a team, it’s our family.

Los Angeles in our hearts, Dodgers on our minds.

Dodging troubles like a Dodger dodges strikes.

In life, you gotta dodge or get tagged like in a Dodger game.

To be a Dodger is to be a master of escapes.

Life’s a pitch, be a Dodger.

Dodge the bad vibes like a true Dodger.

Born a Dodger, always a swerver.

A Dodger in the game, a winner in life.

Playing life like a true Dodger, never afraid to take the curve.

Be swift, be quick, be a Dodger.

Living life on the Dodger?s lane.

In the game of life, be more than a player, be a Dodger.

If life throws you a curveball, swing like a Dodger.

Every strike brings me closer to the next home run, said a Dodger.

Be a Dodger, let them pitch while you hit.

Dodgers don?t follow where the path may lead, they go where there is no path and leave a trail.

Let the game of life make you a stronger Dodger.

Life?s a dodge ball, be a Dodger, dodge and throw!

Don’t just stand there, be a Dodger.

Hey batter, swing. Be the Dodger every field needs.

Dodgers don?t wait for chances, they take them.

When life delivers a pitch, pull a Dodger move and make a home run.

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