Discover these entertaining facts about yourself

I once trekked to the top of a volcano.

I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute.

I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica.

I played the lead role in a theater production once.

I can speak three languages fluently.

I’ve jumped out of an airplane and went skydiving.

I used to be a competitive figure skater.

I’ve traveled to over 20 countries.

I can play the piano with my eyes closed.

I won a gold medal in a swimming competition.

I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.

I can do a handstand for over a minute.

I’ve written and published my own book.

I’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

I once swam with dolphins in the Bahamas.

I can solve complex math problems in my head.

I’ve performed stand-up comedy at a local club.

I used to be a professional ballet dancer.

I can juggle six balls at once.

I’ve participated in a 100-mile marathon.

I’ve dived with sharks in Australia.

I can play the guitar with my teeth.

I used to be a professional video game player.

I’ve swum in all five of the Great Lakes.

I can hula hoop for hours without dropping it.

I’ve volunteered at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

I can recite all the U.S. presidents in order.

I’ve completed a triathlon.

I used to be a professional magician.

I’ve run a marathon on every continent.

I can do a backflip off a diving board.

I’ve camped overnight on a remote desert island.

I can name all the capitals of the world.

I’ve done a bungee jump from a bridge.

I used to be a competitive breakdancer.

I’ve ridden a camel in the Sahara Desert.

I can juggle flaming torches.

I’ve swum with sea turtles in the Galapagos Islands.

I can walk on my hands for a long distance.

I’ve completed a Ironman triathlon.

I used to be a professional skateboarder.

I’ve trekked through the Amazon rainforest.

I can solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded.

I’ve participated in an extreme obstacle course race.

I used to be a professional snowboarder.

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