Derry Girls Quotes

Nobody panic, we’ve got Prosecco!

We’ve survived worse, we’ll survive this!

Panic is my default setting.

We may be girls, but we’re not chickens!

Stop, think, and then wear whatever you want!

We need a plan, and it better involve snacks.

In this house, we throw ’em and then we run!

The only thing we need to fear is running out of tea.

If I’m going down, I’m going down with style.

Studies show that having friends is scientifically proven to improve your life.

Beauty is pain, but sarcasm is a weapon.

Why accentuate the positive when you can mock the negative?

Being normal is overrated, let’s embrace our weirdness.

Girls may be made of sugar and spice, but we’re also made of sass and sarcasm.

Who needs a prince charming when you have a gang of best friends?

Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Messy hair, don’t care. As long as I have snacks.

Derry girls: breaking rules and breaking hearts since 1990.

If life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic.

Sisters before misters, always.

There’s no such thing as too many clothes; only not enough space.

When life gets tough, put on your favorite lipstick.

I’m not bossy, I just have better ideas.

Coffee: because adulting is hard.

We’re in this together, even if we’re all doing our own thing.

A girl can never have too much glitter in her life.

Confidence is not a crime, it’s a superpower.

Don’t be a sheep; be a rainbow unicorn.

Life isn’t a fairytale, but we’re still the princesses of our own story.

Dress to impress yourself, not others.

Cute clothes, cuter attitude.

Friends don’t let friends wear boring outfits.

Normal is an illusion, let’s redefine it.

Be the kind of girl that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says, ‘Oh no, she’s up!’

May your coffee be strong and your eyebrows on fleek.

Mess with the girls and you’ll get the curls.

If you can’t join them, beat them at their own game.

Good girls go to heaven; badass girls go to Derry.

We may be girls, but we’re the definition of resilience.

In a sea of selfies, be a groupfie.

Legs 14, wit sharp, mouth Peroni.

Chasing dreams, not boys.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves, but our wit in our words.

If sarcasm burned calories, we’d all be supermodels.

Happiness is a cupcake and good company.

The only time we’re quiet is when we’re eating.

Always bring your own sunshine, and snacks.

Boys come and go, but friends are forever.

We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all.

Derry girls: the ultimate squad goals.

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