D&D Sayings: Quotable Lines and Inspiring Phrases from Dungeons and Dragons

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May your dice roll high and your spirits soar higher.

In D&D, dragons befriend us, dungeons enthrall us.

Life is a quest, D&D is the map.

A roll of the dice could mean death or glory.

Never trust a smiling Dungeon Master.

By the roll of the die, our fates lie.

Not all those who wander are lost, some are just looking for their D

Behind every great hero is an even better party.

Speech is silver, silence is golden, but roleplay is priceless.

In Dungeons & Dragons, every move is a leap of faith.

Roll initiative and face the impossible.

Be like a dragon. Hoard friends, not gold.

The only limit in D&D is your imagination.

To play D&D, all you need is paper, pencil, dice, and friends. To master it, you need courage, creativity, and cunning.?

To the dungeon master go the spoils.

D&D: Where friendships are forged and dice are feared.

A D&D game is the canvas, and your imagination is the brush.

D&D: The fantasy of might, the reality of fun.

No boss is too big when you have a party to back you.

In Dungeons & Dragons, we don’t fear death. We roll against it.

In the game of dragons and dungeons, only the dice decide your fate.

Your weapon is your knowledge. Your shield – your imagination.

Roll for initiative, it’s time for some adventure!

My alignment? Chaotic Creative!

Just a bard living in a fighter’s world.

Keep calm and roll the dice.

Enemies ahead, loot behind. Welcome to the dungeon adventurer.

Lost in the campaign, found in adventure.

Life’s a game, D&D is serious.

The dragon is not the end of the quest, just the beginning of the story.

In D&D, nobody cares what your day job is.

If at first you don’t succeed, roll for damage.

You don’t know fear until you’ve faced the Demogorgon.

Creativity in crisis, never panic in the dungeon.

Adventure begins at the end of the comfort tavern.

Your character does not define you, but how you play it does.

Aim to crit, even if you might miss.

An empty character sheet is just an unscripted adventure.

May your rolls be high, and your loot abundant.

D&D: where your imagination is your only limitation.

In Dungeons & Dragons, you don’t roll the dice to decide your fate, you roll the dice to decide the fate of your enemies.

A D&D player’s best armor is creativity.

Never underestimate a wizard with a plan, or a rogue with a dagger.

When the DM smiles, it’s already too late.

D&D: the only game where ‘critical failure’ can lead to the best stories.

In the realm of D&D, the dice giveth, and the dice taketh away.

Beware the quiet ones, they’re usually the ones rolling natural 20s.

Only in D&D is ‘I attack the darkness’ an entirely valid strategy.

The dragon is not the end of the quest, but the beginning of the adventure.

Life’s a game, D&D is serious.

A dungeon master’s best skill is adaptability. The plot twists aren’t just for the players.

In D&D, the only limit is your imagination… and the Dungeon Master’s patience.

Dice don’t kill people. Dungeon Masters do.

Every D&D game begins with a blank map and endless possibilities.

Never trust a smiling Dungeon Master.

Life is short, play more D&D.

D&D: where you can slay dragons and still be home in time for dinner.

We must all heed the call of the 20-sided die.

In D&D, the world is mightier than the sword.

Everyone is the hero of their own D&D story.

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