Cute Sayings for Your Water Bottles

Say ‘Hello’ to Hydration.

Water you waiting for?

Drink More, Think More.

Sip Happens.

I’m a big ‘sip’in this world.

Refill, not Landfill.

Sip Sip Hooray!

Fish also pee in it!

Keep Calm and Stay Hydrated.

Wetting My Whistle.

Sip it like it’s hot!

Too lit to quit.

Beauty starts from within.

Hydrate your soul.

Water is cheaper than therapy.

Life is simple, just add water.

H2O is the way to go.

Hydrate like you mean it!

Drinking Responsibly.

Hydration Nation.

Honestly, it’s mostly water.

Quench Your Own Thirst.

Elixir of life.

Sip, Smile, Repeat.

Water you up to?

Make every drop count.

Fill, Drink, Repeat.

Think and Drink.

Water has zero calories!

Stay thirsty, mis amigos.


I can and I will… drink this water.

Bottle is half full, not half empty!

Every sip counts.

Healthy hydration inspiration.

Just add water.

80% of me is water.

Sip in Style.

Stay wet.

You are what you drink.

Water you waiting for? Stay hydrated!

H2O is the way to go!

Drink up, water warrior!

Drop by drop. Sip by sip.

Bottled joy, pure liquid love.

Without water, I wilther.

I’m a hydration sensation!

I’m not a regular bottle, I’m a cool bottle.

Sipping is believing.

Liquid life in a bottle!

Quench your thirst for adventure.

Water: The calorie-free, fat-free, guilt-free treat.

Stay cool, be cool.

Taste the hydration nation.

For Water Lovers Only.

One sip closer to hydration.

Filling the world one sip at a time.

The wetter the better.

Love your body, hydrate it!

Sip, smile, repeat.

Live. Love. Hydrate.

Inspired by a drop, Made for a gulp.

Stay Hydrated. Stay Healthy.

Drink what you are: 70% Water.

Because it’s never just water.

Sips are mini steps to health.

This isn’t water, It’s liquid awesome.

Spreading waves of hydration.

Sip, Refill, Repeat.

Every drop counts, just like you!

Hydrate and dominate

Water you waiting for?

Sip Happens

Make waves

Keeping it reel ? get hooked on water!

Water is my happy place

Thirst things first

H2O = Happiness To Overflow

Wet and wild hydration

You are one in a melon, drink up!

Drink up, the glass is refillable

I believe in fitness, fitness whole water bottle in my body

Drink water, ride the wave, repeat

Be like water, stay cool

Sea the beauty in every sip

Don’t be a drip, take a sip

Just keep gulping

So fresh and so clean, this hydration is a dream

Make every drop count

Sip back and relax

No water, no life; stay hydrated

Water Breaker

Quench your own thirst

Take the plunge, stay hydrated

The Wave of Hydration

Deep Dive into Hydration

Stay Wet, Stay Healthy

My Favorite Blue Beverage

Your body’s favorite drink

Dive into refreshment.

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