Crow Sayings: Understanding the Symbolism and Meanings


As wise as a crow in a cornfield.

Crows are the heralds of the wind.

The silent crow has found the worm.

A crow in the bush is worth two in the field.

Counting crows for a brighter morning.

Crows gather where the feast lies.

A crow’s call is the whisper of the woods.

The early crow catches the corn.

Better one crow today than two tomorrow.

Straight from the crow’s nest.

Dance with the crows, fly with the wind.

Every crow thinks its feathers are the blackest.

Crows don’t pick crow’s bones.

Three crows on a line, make a wish, all will be fine.

Teach a crow to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

The path of the lone crow is the road less traveled.

As the crow flies, so does the wise.

Fly as high as a crow, sing as sweet as a sparrow.

The crow’s shadow hides the golden harvest.

In the realm of crows, silence is golden.

As the crow flies, so does the wise.

In a kingdom of crows, intelligence is the crown.

A crow’s call is not just noise, it’s a conversation in crow’s language.

Life is not a feather for a crow, it’s a wing to fly and a beak to feed.

With crows as prophets, wisdom spreads in all directions.

Where the crow goes, truth follows.

One crow alone is not a clan, unity brings strength.

Cunning as a crow, clear-sighted as a crow!

Remember the crow before you complain about your voice.

The whisper of crows tells tales of old.

Talk like crows, act like eagles.

Proud as a crow, loud as a crow.

A crow’s mind in a simple bird’s head.

What the crow sees, the world knows.

Gifted as a crow, spirited as a crow.

A murder of crows, a wisdom of insights.

Crows don’t pluck phoenix’s feathers, integrity matters.

A crow sees with more than its eyes.

The humble crow holds undying wisdom

Even the crow proudly wears its coat of black.

As wise as a talking crow.

Crows are the heralds of wisdom.

A crow in a crowd is no different than a crow alone.

What the crow knows, the shadow whispers.

When the crow caws, expect a visitor.

Night follows the crow’s flight.

Even the cawing of crows adds depth to the sunset.

A single crow’s wisdom is worth a swarm of parrots.

Crows gather where the meat is flavorful.

Crow feathers tell tales of their journey.

Sundown is the crow’s laughter.

A quiet crow has found its worm.

A crow’s caw is a morning call.

Crows do not pick at each other’s feathers.

The crow rides the winds of change.

The sun does not shine on one crow alone.

Journey with the crow and uncover secrets unknown.

The crow’s shadow holds the darkest magic.

The crow knows the way to tomorrow.

The crow’s caw in the silent night echoes truths.

Crows are storytellers of hidden fortunes.

The crow’s song is a tale of survival.

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