Creative Hand Sanitizer Sayings to Make Hygiene Fun

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Sanitize to Save Lives

Keep Calm and Sanitize On

Spread Love, Not Germs

In a World Full of Germs, Be a Hand Sanitizer

Killing Germs Like a Superhero

Make a Clean Sweep of Germs

I?ve Got 99 Problems but Germs Aren?t One

Hand Sanitizer: A Hug in a Bottle

Be Wise, Sanitize

Waging War on Germs

Sanitizer – Your Lifesaver in Disguise

Sanitize Your Paws

A Drop a Day Keeps the Germs Away

Hand Sanitizer: The Invisible Glove

Surviving the Germ Jungle

Don?t Get Sick, Be Quick, Use Sanitizer

Liquid Safety in Disguise

Your Health is In Your Hands

Fighting Invisible Enemies Daily

I Sanitize, Therefore I am

Hand Sanitizer: The Silent Guard

Be Leak, Become Anti-Septic

A Clean Hand is a Caring Hand

Feel the Burn, Germs!

Sanitize Before You Socialize

Give me a clean high five!

Spread love, not germs.

Cleanliness is in your hands now.

Kiss the germs goodbye!

Wash the day away.

Keep calm and sanitize on.

Wage a war on germs.

Stay clean, stay serene.

Keep it clean, keep it green.

Hand hygiene, our first-line defense.

Your health is in your hands.

Palm hygiene, full-time job.

Flush out the filth.

Sanitize to neutralize.

Stop germs on their tracks.

Helping hands stay pure.

Health at your fingertips.

Wave away the germs.

Clean hands, clear conscience.

Sanitize for a safer tomorrow.

De-germing one hand at a time.

Take a hand in health.

A quick scrub for clean grub.

Sanitize before you socialize.

Squeaky clean and quarantine.

Be a germ buster, not a germ spreader.

Making health hand-y.

Kill germs, not time.

No dirt, no disease.

Pure hands, pure heart.

Bye bye, bacteria.

Sanitize and rise.

Out with germs, In with health.

Shoo away the flu.

Play it clean.

Gel it to repel it.

Grime is crime.

Stay germ-free, live carefree.

Keep your conscience as clean as your hands.

Shape up and sanitize.

Clean mitts, no germs.

Healthy hands, happy life.

Be bright, wipe right.

Hit germs for six with sanitizing fix.

Purely protected.

Zero germs zone.

One wipe a day keeps the doctor away.

Clean hands, safe lands.

Give germs a hard goodbye.

Bacteria-free is the way to be.

Spread love, not germs.

Clean hands, clear conscience.

Our sanitizer doesn’t kill fun!

Your hand’s best friend.

Sanitize to harmonize.

Clean hands are surviving hands.

Germ-free zone.

No germs on these palms.

Sanitization is the best donation.

Goodbye germs, hello health.

Don’t be a mucker, be a sanitizer.

Scrub-a-dub love.

Making hands huggable.

Your hand’s bodyguard.

Erasing germs, preserving health.

Kill the germs, keep the peace.

Sorry germs, it?s not you, it?s us.

Soap, water, and a dab of our sanitizer.

Bacteria bouncer in your pocket.

Sanitize and rise.

More than clean, it’s sanitized.

Hi-five with sanitizer!

Make sanitizing a habit.

Sanitize now, smile later.

Because dirty hands are scary!

Better safe and sanitized.

Germs are creepy, but your hands are clean.

Stay sanitized, stay spry.

Squirt, rub, dry – say goodbye to the ugly guy (germs).

Your invisible glove of safety.

Cleanliness is next to healthiness.

Germs can’t bear it, your hands love it.

Give germs the slip.

The power to dismiss germs is in your hands.

Be wise, sanitize.

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