Creative Halloween Tip Jar Sayings to Spook Your Customers

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Empty pocket? Ghosts and ghouls accept tips!

Tip or treat? Your choice!

Help fill the witch’s pot!

Feed the zombie trunk with tips!

No amount of tip is too scary!

Fill up Dracula’s blood bank with tips!

Frankie says ‘Relax and leave a tip’!

A graveyard of coins will do please!

Pumpkins prefer cash, not candy!

Witch way to the tip jar?

Fangs a lot for your tip!

Help a ghoul out, leave a tip!

Keeping vampires away, one tip at a time!

Spellbound by your generosity!

Practice safe hex. Tip your witch!

This jar?s a scream for tips!

Brew us a potion of plentiful tips!

Giving tips keeps the monsters away!

Cheers witches, for the tips!

Your tip keeps our spirits high!

Conjure up some tips for us!

Boos and bills welcomed here!

Dropping a tip keeps the broom flying!

Keep calm and tip the spook!

Your generosity is bewitching!

Coins for Curses!

Help a Ghost out, feed the jar!

Contribute to the ‘Cauldron fund’!

Money potion for Magic services!

Support Your Local Witch

Funds for Future Frights!

Monsters love Tips!

Scare us with your Generosity!

Donate or Dread!

Broomstick maintenance fund inside!

Candy Money for Creatures!

Tip or Treat!

Zombies also accept Cash!

Enchant us with an extra buck!

Every penny wakes a Ghost!

Don’t be a Scrooge on Halloween!

Support our Spooks!

Trick or Tip!

Keep the Jack-o’-lanterns Glowing!

Ghoul’s Gratitude for Generous Guests!

No Tricks, just Treats in our Tip Jar.

Make our potions stronger, tip us this Halloween

Fill me up, if you dare!

Scarily low on tips. Help!

Feed the zombies, leave your tips here.

Coins to lift the Curse!

Ghostly Gratuities are Welcome!

Petrify us with your generosity.

Witch way to the tip jar

Don’t be a monster, leave a tip.

Your tip keeps our spirits high

Brooms are expensive, your tips help!

Keep us from getting batty ? leave a tip.

Your generosity is bewitching.

Tips for Spells and Potions!

Donate here or we’ll haunt your dreams.

Vampire fund – we suck, you tip.

Boo-st our morale, tip us!

This is where Ghost Bills go.

Tipping – it?s so easy, it?s scary.

Thank you for your eerily generous tips!

Tip or Treat!

Witches brew isn’t cheap ? every tip helps.

Help keep our ghosts happy ? tip generously!

Tip us and save a soul tonight!

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