Corn Hole Sayings: Expressions That Add Fun to the Game

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Keep calm and Cornhole on!

Life’s a game, Cornhole is serious.

Cornhole: Where everyone’s a winner!

More than just a game, it’s Cornhole.

King of the Cornhole, master of the game.

Eat. Sleep. Cornhole. Repeat.

Live, laugh and love the game of Cornhole.

Beer in one hand, Cornhole bag in the other.

It ain’t over till the last Cornhole bag drops.

Cornhole champion: The title is in the bag.

The hole is my goal.

Skills, thrills and Cornhole spills.

Game on: Get your Cornhole on.

Sunshine, good times and Cornhole lines.

Play Cornhole or go home.

One team, one dream, one Cornhole scene.

May the Cornhole be with you.

Just toss it! It’s only Cornhole.

Cornhole: Turning friends into competitors.

It’s all fun and games until the Cornhole bags come out.

Cornhole: Where amazing happens.

Don’t talk the toss, walk the Cornhole.

Cornhole: It’s in the bag.

Cornhole: Good for your soul.

Got game? Join the Cornhole fame.

Aim, toss, and let the corn fly!

Life is better with Corn Hole.

Corn Hole is my therapy.

Drink in one hand, corn bag in the other.

Corn Hole: The ultimate tossing game.

Addicted to the hole.

Real players aim for the corn hole.

Keep calm and throw on.

May your toss be straight and your corn find the hole.

Queen/King of the corn hole.

Grill, chill and corn hole thrill.

Hit the boards, rule the league.

Caution: Corn hole ninja at play.

Beware! I toss like a boss.

Eat, sleep, corn hole, repeat.

I came, I saw, I corn holed.

The world is full of corn holes. Take aim.

Chasing the elusive 4-bagger.

One toss at a time.

Score points, not excuses.

My aim is true; my bags are blue.

Follow the path to the corn hole.

In the world of Corn Hole, every toss counts.

Hole is the aim, fame is the game.

Pitch, slides, and Corn Hole pride.

Your backyard or mine?

I see a hole in one in your future.

Who needs luck when you have skills?

The corn hole doesn’t lie.

Toss it like it’s hot!

Bags fly at noon.

Slinging bags and taking names.

In my world, corn hole is not just a game, it’s a lifestyle.

Champion in the corn, master on the boards.

Sliding into victory one bag at a time.

The hole is my goal.

All about that bag ?n? board life.

Keep Calm and Cornhole On.

Aim, toss, celebrate, repeat.

Playing a game of bags is a workout, right?!

Life is better when you’re playing cornhole.

Tailgates, Tosses and Triumphs.

One team, one dream, a whole lot of cornhole.

May the corn be with you.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cornhole.

Can’t stop the flop.

Grill, Chill and Cornhole Skills.

Talk Cornhole to Me.

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is… in cornhole.

Cornhole: Where accuracy meets inebriation.

Not just a game…it?s a Cornhole Commotion.

The bags don?t lie.

Get off the lane if you can?t take the game.

In it to win it: On and off the cornhole court.

The harder you practice, the luckier you get in Cornhole.

Stay calm and throw on.

You’re in the cornhole-zone!

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