Corinthians quotes – words of wisdom from the ancient Greek city

Together as Corinthians, we are stronger than any opponent.

In Corinthians, we believe in the power of teamwork.

Corinthians: where legends are made.

We bleed black and white for Corinthians.

Corinthians: the heartbeat of a city.

Corinthians: more than just a football club, a way of life.

The Corinthians spirit never dies.

Keep calm and support Corinthians.

In Corinthians, we trust.

Fearless is the Corinthians way.

Corinthians: where dreams become reality.

Corinthians: the pride of Sao Paulo.

We are Corinthians, we never give up.

Corinthians: where passion meets perfection.

Corinthians: the symbol of greatness.

Corinthians: united we stand, divided we fall.

Corinthians: the heart and soul of Brazilian football.

Corinthians: the home of heroes.

Believe in the Corinthians magic.

Corinthians: where champions are born.

Corinthians: writing our own history.

Corinthians: the embodiment of resilience.

Rise and shine with Corinthians.

Corinthians: where legends are born.

Corinthians: the never-ending story of triumph.

Corinthians: the essence of football.

Corinthians: a dynasty in the making.

Corinthians: where dedication meets destiny.

Corinthians: a legacy built on sweat and tears.

Corinthians: the spirit of a thousand warriors.

Corinthians: where dreams find their voice.

Corinthians: the bridge to glory.

Corinthians: the force that drives passion.

Corinthians: where loyalty prevails.

Corinthians: a symphony of triumph.

Corinthians: the epitome of excellence.

Corinthians: where tradition meets innovation.

Corinthians: the heartbeat of the faithful.

Corinthians: the road to immortality.

Corinthians: the force that never surrenders.

Corinthians: where heroes are born and legends never die.

Corinthians: the fortress of invincibility.

Corinthians: where victory is etched in gold.

Corinthians: the home of champions.

Corinthians: where passion ignites the fire within.

Corinthians: where the impossible becomes reality.

Corinthians: a symbol of hope and inspiration.

Corinthians: the thread that weaves generations together.

Corinthians: where dreams take flight.

Corinthians: the embodiment of football magic.

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