Collection of Funniest Dart Sayings and Quotes


The only thing I’m throwing back this Thursday is a Dart.

Life is simple: Eat, Sleep, Play Darts.

Keep calm and throw bullseyes.

Who needs therapy when you have darts?

I love the smell of tungsten in the morning.

Don’t worry, dart happy.

Darts: because every other sport only requires one ball.

Remember my name, it’s on the dartboard.

My perfect day: Coffee. Darts. Beers. Repeat.

The tans fade, but dart memories last forever.

I’m not a dart addict, I’m just on my first step to becoming a dart expert.

Darts. Love at first flight.

Dart players have pointy personalities.

My doctor told me to reduce stress, I picked up darts.

Love means nothing in darts, but points mean everything.

When I grow up, I want to be a dart board.

I throw darts. What’s your superpower?

Throwing darts needs precision, just like understanding my jokes.

Double is better and triple is best. That was about darts, not drinks.

I’m dartspirational!

Just throw it, and pretend it’s your ex.

Darts: The only sport where you can drink and still aim perfectly.

The bullseye is luck, the triple is skill.

Target acquired, ego shattered.

Darts: It’s just a game of inches and triples.

Seven days without darts makes one weak.

Eat. Sleep. Darts. Repeat.

Darts, because even adults need a time out.

Life’s a game, darts is serious.

May your arrows fly straight and your aim be true.

Keep calm and throw some darts.

I don’t need therapy, I just need to play darts.

When life gives you lemons, throw darts at them.

What’s the point? It’s in the dart!

Darts ? the best way to ruin a perfectly good wall.

Keep your friends close and your darts closer.

Tonight’s forecast: 100% chance of Darts.

If you want to bullseye in life, aim for the dart board.

Good friends don’t let you throw darts…alone.

Darts: because therapy is expensive.

You know you’re a dart player when ‘triple 20’ isn’t a highway speed limit.

Is your name Bullseye? Because I can’t take my darts off you.

I’d rather be throwing darts than throwing shade.

Be careful, I throw darts and I know things.

I hit bullseye even in the dark!

Darts: washing away the stress one bullseye at a time.

They say practice makes perfect, but I’m still missing the bulls-eye.

I don’t need luck, I play darts.

A day without darts is like… just kidding, I have no idea!

Some call it a game, I call it therapy: Darts.

When I throw darts, even the bullseye gets nervous.

Throw darts, not tantrums.

My idea of balance? A dart in each hand.

I’d trade my office chair for a dart stool any day.

May your aim be true and your darts fly straight.

In a world full of game players, be a dart thrower.

Playing darts is easy. It’s like poker but with sharp objects!

Even on my worst days, I’m still hitting a triple

Life is like a game of darts: no matter how many times you miss, there’s always another throw.

Hitting bullseye in darts is a talent, but hitting my heart is love’s true challenge.

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