Christmas Vacation Quotes – Cousin Eddie’s Most Memorable Lines

Christmas vacation just wouldn’t be the same without Cousin Eddie’s shenanigans.

Cousin Eddie is like the gift that keeps on giving, whether you want him to or not.

When Cousin Eddie shows up, it’s guaranteed to be a memorable Christmas.

It’s not a true Christmas vacation until Cousin Eddie parks his RV in the driveway.

Cousin Eddie’s fashion sense may be questionable, but his holiday spirit is unmatched.

Cousin Eddie’s presence during the holidays is a reminder to cherish our own sanity.

Cousin Eddie’s definition of Christmas spirit involves a lot of eggnog and questionable dance moves.

It’s a Christmas miracle when Cousin Eddie manages to keep his shirt on for more than five minutes.

Cousin Eddie’s idea of a Christmas bonus is borrowing your TV and not returning it.

If Cousin Eddie isn’t part of your Christmas vacation, are you even really on vacation?

Cousin Eddie’s holiday wish list includes a lifetime supply of paper towels and Hamburger Helper.

Cousin Eddie may not be the most conventional Christmas guest, but he brings a certain charm to the festivities.

Christmas vacation with Cousin Eddie is like being in your very own National Lampoon’s movie.

Cousin Eddie’s RV is the unofficial headquarters of our Christmas vacation.

Cousin Eddie’s unique sense of humor adds a dash of laughter to our holiday celebrations.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas greetings always come with a side of inappropriate jokes.

If there was an award for the most memorable Christmas guest, Cousin Eddie would win hands down.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas traditions may be unconventional, but they always make for great stories.

No matter how chaotic Christmas vacation gets, Cousin Eddie always manages to keep the peace… by emptying the sewage from his RV.

Cousin Eddie’s presence during the holidays is a reminder to be grateful for our own quirky family members.

Cousin Eddie may be a bit clueless, but he always has the best intentions during the holidays.

Cousin Eddie’s idea of a Christmas feast involves microwave dinners and leftovers from the dumpster.

Christmas vacation with Cousin Eddie is like a roller coaster ride of excitement and chaos.

Cousin Eddie’s charm lies in his unapologetic, unconventional approach to the holiday season.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas stories seem too crazy to be true, but we’re never quite sure.

Cousin Eddie’s motto for the holidays: ‘If you can’t be festive, be festive in your RV.’

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas card photo is always a masterpiece of tackiness and hilarity.

Cousin Eddie’s knack for turning simple tasks into disasters is truly a holiday gift.

Cousin Eddie’s generosity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to emptying the septic tank.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas decorations are a sight to behold (if your definition of ‘sight to behold’ includes a giant inflatable Santa wearing only a speedo).

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas wish is for everyone to have a full tank of gas and a clean sewage hose.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas spirit is like no other – it involves a lot of drinking and random acts of kindness.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas sweaters are so ugly, they could win a contest without even trying.

Cousin Eddie’s favorite Christmas carol? ‘Jingle Bells’ with a special verse about sewage disposal.

Cousin Eddie’s holiday recipes may not be gourmet, but they’re guaranteed to give you indigestion.

Cousin Eddie’s gift-giving philosophy: one man’s trash is another man’s cherished Christmas present.

Cousin Eddie’s idea of a Christmas miracle? Finding a half-eaten turkey leg in the dumpster.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas wrapping skills are truly something to behold (or cringe at).

Cousin Eddie’s holiday cheer consists of 99% eggnog and 1% actual cheer.

Cousin Eddie’s idea of a Christmas tradition? Trying to set a new record for outdoor bathroom breaks.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas lights display could probably be seen from outer space.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas wish for the world: ‘May all your septic tanks be functional.’

Cousin Eddie’s favorite holiday movie? ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, because it reminds him to be grateful for his own ‘wonderful’ life in the RV.

Cousin Eddie’s secret to surviving the holidays? Embrace the chaos and always carry a spare pair of underwear.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas cookies are like no other – they’re a unique blend of love, laughter, and questionable ingredients.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas caroling style can best be described as ‘loud and off-key’.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas tree is a true masterpiece – covered in empty beer cans and tangled strings of lights.

Cousin Eddie’s Christmas wish for his family? ‘May you never run out of toilet paper in a time of need.’

Cousin Eddie’s idea of a Christmas miracle? Getting through the holiday season without getting arrested.

Cousin Eddie’s holiday spirit is contagious – in the best and most chaotic way possible.

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