Cheers to Fun: Drinking Sayings for Cups


Sip Happens.

Espresso Yourself.

Life is Brewtiful.

Decaf? No Thanks.

Drink Coffee, Do Good.

Stay Grounded.

Brew-tiful Mornings Start with Coffee.

Sip Back and Relax.

Java Nice Day!

Coffee – Because Adulting is Hard.

First I Drink the Coffee, then I Do the Things.

No Talkie Before Coffee.

Life Happens, Coffee Helps.

Liquid Wisdom.

Procaffeinating: The Tendency to Not Start Anything until You’ve Had a Cup of Coffee.

Either You Love Coffee, or You’re Wrong.

In Coffee We Trust.

Drink Coffee, Be Awesome.

More Espresso, Less Depresso.

Hello Brew-tiful.

Don’t Worry, Be Frappy.

Coffeeology: Sip, Savor, Enjoy, Repeat.

Caffeine and Kindness.

Conquer the Day with a Cup of Coffee.

But First, Coffee.

Pakistanis? More like Pourskanis.

Sip Happens

Liquid Laughter

Life is Brew-tiful

Espresso Yourself

Pour Decisions

Sip, Sip Hooray

Hakuna Ma’Vodka

Drink Responsibly (Don’t Spill It)

Champagne Dreams

Brewed to Perfection

Surviving On Coffee And Courage

Drink Wisely and Deep; The Secret of Life is in The Sip

Caffeine And Kindness

Decaf? No Thanks!

My Blood Type is Coffee

Too Much Monday, Not Enough Coffee

Stay Grounded (Coffee Beans)

Spillin’ The Tea

Life Happens, Coffee Helps

Stressed, Blessed and Coffee Obsessed

Make Tonight Pour Ever

Just Brew It

Shot Happens

Blood, Sweat and Beers

I Make Pour Decisions

Tea is My Therapy

Wine Not?

Caffeine Queen.

Why limit happy to an hour?

Let the good times be gin.

Sip happens.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Decaf? No thanks!

Coffee because adulting is hard.

Love at first sip.

Hydrate or diedrate.

I love my therapist, and by therapist, I mean my coffee.

Sip me baby one more time.

Life happens, coffee helps.

Drink coffee, do good.

Espresso yourself.

Hot cup of sunshine.

Caution: contents may lead to happiness.

It’s brew-tiful.

Shhh.. there’s wine in here.

Liquid laugh

Brewed for thought.

You’re the gin to my tonic.

Keep calm and drink on.

Life is what happens between coffee and wine.

Currently fuelled by caffeine.

Avoid water, drink beer.

All you need is love, and more coffee.

May your coffee kick in before reality does.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

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