Charming and Humorous Sayings to Adorn Baby Onesies

cute sayings onesie milkaholic

Cuddle Bug in Charge

Milk Junkie

Spit-up Squad

Proudly Homemade

I’m not crying, I’m ordering dinner

Born to be Wild

Dream Big, Little One

50% Mommy, 50% Daddy, 100% Perfect

Snuggle time available 24/7

I’m told I like football

Smiling is my favorite

Newest member of the sleepless society

I rock the rolls

Snack time is my happy hour

Womb Mates (for twins)

Player 3 has entered the game

I still live with my parents

Straight outta mommy

The snuggle is real

I woke up like this

Drooling over mommy and daddy

I cry, you cry, we all cry for milk

One of a kind, kind of cute

Just did 9 months on the inside

It’s a bib, not a cape

Just arrived, already fabulous

Everyone is thankful for me

Little bundle of joy needs five more minutes

If you think I’m cute, you should see my mommy

If I’m not sleeping, nobody is sleeping.

Milk Monster on the Loose

Sparkle More, Cry Less

Full of Attitude, Wrapped in Cute

Little Sunshine with a Twinkle

Warning: I’ve Got Zest for Mess

Tiny Tornado of Joy

I Still Live with My Parents

Cuteness Level: Off The Charts

Just Wingin’ it: Baby Edition

I’m Not a Regular Baby, I’m a Cool Baby

Cuddly but Unpredictable

Who needs Superheroes when I have Mom and Dad

Making Bedtime Look Good

Caution: Frequent Pooper at Work

Tiny Miracle with a Roar

I’m Cute, Mom’s Cute, Dad’s Lucky

Worth Every Sleepless Night

Proof That Miracles Happen

Baby Boss in Training

I Wake Up Awesome

Designed by Mom, Powered by Milk

Swap my Crib for a Castle, I’m a Prince

Practicing My Pout Face

Adorable Now, Heartbreaker Later

Heading to Bed, Ready to Steal Hearts Tomorrow.

Don’t make me call my auntie!

I get my sass from both sides!

Mommy’s little munchkin!

Made with love and a little science!

Yes, I?m a handful. No, you can?t have any.

Party at my crib. Two am. Bring a bottle!

Sorry ladies, mommy is my Valentine!

Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat!

Mommy?s Little Peanut!

Cute and chubby, that?s me!

‘Drinks milk like a boss!

50% mom, 50% dad, 100% perfect!

Already smarter than the president!

Mini boss in training!

Mama?s little miracle!

Daddy?s little sidekick!

Never underestimate the power of a bottle!

Handpicked for Earth by my Grandpa in Heaven!

‘I’m not just milk drunk, I’m tit faced!’

Brand sparkling new!

Potty like a rockstar!

Who needs superheroes when I have mom!

I think my parents are rookies!

I woke up like this. #Flawless!

The snuggle is real!

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