Bloodborne Quotes

In the darkest night, the hunter’s blood sings.

Fear the blood, for it holds the secrets of the old gods.

In Yharnam, even the moon seems to bleed.

The night is long and full of terrors.

Beasts roam these streets, but the true monsters lie within.

The blood is the curse, and the curse is the blood.

The hunt is a never-ending nightmare, but we must persevere.

In the blood, I found my salvation.

There is no escape from the nightmare, only surrender.

Fear not the beasts, but the hunters who see in them an opportunity.

The hunt is a battle of wills, a dance with death itself.

In the world of Bloodborne, even the shadows thirst for blood.

We are all trapped in this cycle of bloodshed.

The hunt is a primal instinct, a part of our very nature.

We are the hunters, the guardians of Yharnam’s balance.

The Old Blood holds the key to transcendence, but at what cost?

The moon hangs low, casting its pale light on the hunters below.

In the end, we are all consumed by the very thing we seek to destroy.

The hunt is not for the faint of heart, for it demands sacrifice.

Blood is the currency of power in this twisted world.

The Hunter’s Dream offers respite from the horrors of the night.

The healing blood is both a blessing and a curse.

In Yharnam, only the blood can cleanse us of our sins.

The night is filled with whispers, as if the very air is alive with secrets.

The hunt is an eternal struggle, a never-ending battle against the darkness.

To be a hunter is to embrace madness and find strength within it.

Beware the beguiling beauty of Yharnam, for it is but a mask for the horrors within.

The paleblood moon casts a haunting glow on the forgotten streets.

The blood calls to us, tempting us with its power and its darkness.

To hunt is to understand the nature of the beast.

In the heart of Yharnam, the blood runs thick with despair.

The hunt is a dance, a waltz with death itself.

In Yharnam, the night never ends, and neither does the hunt.

The blood is our salvation, but it is also our damnation.

To hunt is to be reborn in the fires of conflict.

In the end, we are all prisoners to our desires.

The blood echoes of the fallen whisper their stories in our ears.

The hunt is an addiction, a relentless craving for the thrill of the kill.

In the darkness, the beast within awakens.

The moonlit streets of Yharnam are a twisted labyrinth of nightmares.

The Old Blood is a doorway to another realm, a realm of chaos and despair.

The hunt is a reflection of our own inner struggles.

To be a hunter is to be both predator and prey.

In Yharnam, death is not the end, but rather a new beginning.

The blood is the key to Yharnam’s mysteries, but unlocking them comes at a great cost.

In the end, we all become monsters of our own making.

To hunt is to surrender ourselves to the chaos within.

Yharnam’s streets are paved with the blood of countless victims.

In the heart of the nightmare, the hunter finds their true purpose.

The hunt is a battle against the darkness of our own souls.

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