Best Among Us Quotes

I’m not impostor, I’m just misunderstood!

Trust no one, not even your best crewmate!

In space, no one can hear you sus.

If the crew’s sus, the impostor must be among us.

Crewmates, unite! We must find the impostor and avenge our fallen crew.

There’s nothing scarier than being alone in electrical with a suspected impostor.

Impostors can be anyone, even your closest friend.

Crewmates, let’s stick together like magnets and catch that impostor!

The impostor’s goal is to deceive, while the crew’s goal is to survive.

Task completed: 99%, still paranoid about that 1% impostor.

The impostor is like a ghost in the machine, haunting our spaceship.

Sussing out the impostor is like solving a puzzle with deadly consequences.

In space, friends can quickly become foes.

Crewmates, don’t believe everything you see – impostors are masters of deception.

No one is safe, not even the most innocent-looking crewmate.

A single wrong accusation can put an innocent crewmate’s life at risk.

Impostors are like chameleons, blending in until they strike.

The impostor is like a shark, waiting patiently for the perfect moment to strike.

Impostor or crewmate, trust is a luxury we can’t afford in Among Us.

The impostor’s ultimate weapon is their ability to sow doubt and suspicion.

In space, secrets can be deadly – especially when an impostor is involved.

Best Among Us Quotes part 2

The impostor’s goal is not just to kill, but to unravel the trust between crewmates.

The impostor’s greatest strength is their ability to remain calm and collected.

Impostors thrive in chaos, using it to their advantage.

Impostors are like shadows, lurking in the corners of our spaceship.

Crewmates, we must trust our instincts and rely on each other to survive.

Go ahead, accuse me of being the impostor. I’ll just laugh as you lead us to our demise.

The impostor is not just a threat to our lives, but to our sanity as well.

Impostors are skilled actors, capable of blending seamlessly into the crew.

Finding the impostor is like searching for a needle in a haystack, except the needle can kill you.

The impostor revels in the chaos they create, eager to see their crewmates turn against each other.

Being an impostor means living a lie, never revealing your true identity.

Every task completed is a small victory against the impostor’s reign of terror.

Impostors leave no trace, except the bodies of their fallen crewmates.

The impostor is the ultimate player in a deadly game of deception.

Impostors are the wolves in our midst, preying on the sheep.

In Among Us, trust is a valuable currency – spend it wisely.

Crewmates, don’t let paranoia consume you, but don’t let trust blind you either.

The impostor thrives on chaos, using it to sow discord among the crew.

Impostors are like silent assassins, striking when least expected.

In space, no one can hear your frantic accusations. Choose your words wisely.

Impostors are the puppet masters, pulling the strings while we dance to their tune.

The impostor’s reign of terror will end – it’s just a matter of time.

The impostor’s mask may be flawless, but their eyes will always give them away.

In Among Us, even the most innocent actions can be seen as suspicious.

The impostor’s laughter echoes through the ship, a chilling reminder of our impending doom.

Crewmates, let’s not be blinded by the impostor’s clever lies. Stay vigilant!

Being a crewmate is like walking on thin ice, never knowing when the impostor will strike.

In space, friendships can crumble as quickly as our spaceship’s hull.

Crewmates, let’s band together and expose the impostor lurking among us!

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