Baby Shirt Sayings: Cute and Funny Expressions for Little Ones

Nap King in the house

I’m not crying, I’m ordering dinner

Mommy’s Little Alarm Clock

New to the Crew

Spit Happens

I still live with my parents

Too Cute To Be Quiet

Straight Outta Bedtime

Birthday Cake Taste Tester

Crib Hair, Don?t Care

I’m the Reason We’re Late

Proof that Daddy doesn’t play video games all the time

Party at my Crib, 2am Bring a Bottle

Already smarter than the President

Milk Drunk

You can’t handle the Tooth

Just did 9 months on the inside

I’m What Happened in Vegas

Snuggle Bug

Who Needs Hair with a Body like This

If You Think I’m Cute, See My Aunt

Sleep Thief

I’m my Daddy’s Girl and my Mommy’s world

Under construction: Teeth in progress

Small Fry

Spit Happens

I Totally Wrecked a Crib

Straight Outta Diapers

Just did 9 months on the inside


I’m Not Crying, I’m Ordering Dinner

Worth the Wait

I’m New Here

The Snuggle is Real

Poop! There It Is

Party at My Crib, 2AM

Mom’s Little Alarm Clock

First We Had Each Other, Then We Had You, Now We Have Everything

I Run This House

I Woke Up Like This

I’m not tired… YOU’RE tired

Little Dude with Big Attitude

Princess of Drool

Who Needs Google? My Mom Knows Everything

Sleep Is For The Weak

Made with Love and Science

Born to Sparkle

Drooling Over Style

Why y?all trying to test the Jesus in me?

Formula 1: Tested on babies, no baby has made it past level

Fluent in bottle language

Fresh Squeezed

If you think I’m cute, you should see my Dad

I am the reason why Mom drinks coffee

Be a voice, not an echo

Keep Calm and Change My Diaper.

Party at My Crib. 2 A.M. Bring a Bottle.

Worth the Wait.

I?m Not Allowed to Date… EVER!

Mommy?s Little Monster.

My Mom?s Tattoos Are Better Than Yours.

Sorry Ladies, My Daddy Is Taken.

Daddy?s Little Sidekick.

I Still Live With My Parents.

I?m Proof Mommy Can?t Resist Sailors.

New Arrival On The Block.

I?m Not Sleeping I?m Just Resting My Eyes.

Chick Magnet.

Just Did 9 Months On The Inside.

Dangerously Cute.


State of Naptime Address.

I?m My Daddy?s Girl and My Mommy?s World.

I Only Cry When Ugly People Hold Me.

My Daily Routine: Eat, Play, Nap, Repeat.

Living My Best Life.

Crawl Walk Run.

Dinosaur In Training.

Growing Up Is a Trap.

I Laugh at Dad Jokes.

Mommy?s Mini-Me.

I?m Not Spoiled, I?m Well-Loved.

I Put The ‘Me’ In Awesome.

Cuteness Overload.

50% Mommy, 50% Daddy, 100% Perfect.

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