Archery Sayings: Meaningful Quotes and Proverbs from the Sport of Bows and Arrows

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Pulling the string, unleashing dreams.

Brave with a bow, unstoppable in life.

Archery: It’s more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

Let your arrows fly straight and your aim be true.

The silence of the bow, the echo of success.

There’s no backspace in archery; once the arrow is shot, it writes its own story.

Archery, where mistakes are the stepping stones to perfection.

Archery: It’s not about the arrows, but what you aim at.

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So, when life drags you down, aim for something greater.

Archery, the perfect collision between precision and passion.

Keep calm, aim high, loose the string.

In archery, as in life, every hit counts.

Success in archery is a game of millimeters.

Archery is not a sport, but an art; the arrow is my brush, the target my canvas.

One shot, one aim, no second chances.

The archer: one who shoots further than their eye can reach to achieve what their heart can dream.

Archery – where silence speaks louder.

Bend the bow, guide the arrow, follow your path.

Archery: It’s not about the size of the target but about the focus of the shooter.

In archery, a steady hand shoots the furthest.

Aim with your heart, not just your bow.

Archery: It’s not a hobby, it’s a post-apocalyptic life skill.

Bowhunting: The art of getting close.

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards.

The moment of the arrow launch is the epitome of tranquility.

Keep your eye on the target, but your spirit on the journey.

Archery is not about instant success. It’s about continual growth.

Patience & perseverance: the two key traits of a great archer.

Every arrow that hits the bullseye is the result of one hundred misses.

The joy of archery is not found in the bullseye, but the trail of hard work leading to it.

Keep calm and release the arrow.

You don?t need Wi-Fi in the woods; Archery is a more charming connection.

Archery: where focus, patience, and persistence converge.

Once your arrow has left the bow, it cannot be taken back.

Archery is a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Archery?s not about the destination; it?s about the flight of the journey.

When life gets too intense, take a bow and aim for serenity.

An arrow flies straighter when the archer has a clear purpose.

As an archer, your greatest opponent is yourself.

When you think you’ve reached your limit, pull back your arrow once more.

You never know how far your arrow will fly until you let it go.

Every archer knows, it’s the silent arrows that have the truest flights.

Bows before bros.

Archery is not about the arrows, but the archer who tunes it.

The trick to archery is not letting the arrow know you’re scared.

Archery doesn’t build character, it reveals one.

In archery, we have something like the way of the superior man; when the archer misses the center of the target, he turns around and seeks for the cause of his failure in himself.

In archery, aim for success but be prepared for missed shots.?

Archery is not a sport, it?s a way of life.

Bows before bros.

The archer knows the journey of an arrow best.

Draw, Aim, Release, Repeat ? the archer?s mantra.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man archery and he?ll be fed forever.

In the game of archery, every shot counts.

Arrows fly, ideas soar; both can hit the target hard.

You don?t need wings to fly, all you need is a bow and arrow.

Good archery is more about the archer than the bow.

The hardest part of archery is not hitting the target; it’s having the courage to let go of the arrow.

You haven?t failed in archery until you quit trying.

Life has ups and downs, so does Archery.

Become one with the bow, and you will hit the mark every time.

Archery is the art of repetition.

Be like an arrow. Stay focused and go directly to your target.

Arrows are shot forward by pulling them back.

Archery, it?s like knitting, but lethal.

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